I am an english speaking Amerideserve to married to a spanish speaking Mexideserve to. She is from Hidalgo, Mexico. I have actually tried numerous times to define the feeling of deja vu to her. She has actually no concept what I am talking about and also does not acknowledge the word.

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My question is if tright here is spainish word for deja vu? It is an extremely hard feeling to describe without the word and also its making me feel favor she does not experience it.

Any assist would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Edit: To quote among my comments below, I had actually assumed it could be a social difference or shed in translation. It appears from this article though it might be even more of an individual case. Thank you for all the responses, it was really amazing.


Let Wikipedia perform the job: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C3%A9j%C3%A0_vu

My question is if tright here is spainish word for deja vu?

Nope, and if tbelow is, I think she won't acknowledge it either. Instead of saying "esto es un deja vu", you have the right to say "siento que este momento ya lo viví". I don't think you deserve to gain even more straightforward and straightforward to understand than that. :P

Thank you for the connect. So I have basically sassist that to her just explaining the feeling of the word. She has actually told me she has never felt or heard of what I am explaining much the means you recommended.

Well i live in north mexico and everyone below knows what a deja vu is; we likewise usage the very same word.

Hmmm... that's amazing, I live in Mexico City and also deja vu is not rare at all, I thought it was a really well known expression.

Really, that is amazing. Mexico City is extremely close to her home town in Pachuca so thats so stvariety she has not. Next off time I am at her daughters house I will need to ask her. Maybe its just my wife has someexactly how missed this expression.

I had thought it might be a cultural distinction or lost in translation. It seems from this write-up though it may be more of an individual case.

Both, once I first met her I spoke little bit spanish. She spoke decent sufficient english yet currently that we have been together for over 10 years she speaks perfect english. I soptimal pretty decent spanish and can understand also much even more than I deserve to sheight if that provides sense.

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Deja Vu doesn’t really interpret right into English either. It’s a French term that literally converts right into “currently seen”. The literal Spanish translation would be “ya visto.” In English, we describe it as “the feeling that one has actually lived with the current situation prior to.” In Spanish that would analyze as “la sensación de haber viviexecute antes la situación actual.”


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