What is it?How deserve to you usage it as a springboard right into French culture?And exactly how have the right to you talk around it roughly the water cooler?

Let’s dig in!


Le sport (= sport) is a popular topic for French conversations.Especially le football (=soccer, football), which we also frequently contact le foot. During la Coupe du Monde, the World Cup, tright here will certainly be 64 matchs de foot, matches. They’re played in un stade, a stadium.

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“Tu as vu le enhance hier ? Il était beau !”Did you watch the game yesterday? It was great!

The last game they’ll play is la finale, the last.

A team is une équipe. Our French national team is l’équipe de France. We typically call them les Bleus, the Blue Ones, for the shade of their shirt. It’s additionally a nickname we offer to the French national team in any sport.

That’s why you deserve to hear in a stadium:“Allez les Bleus !”“Go the French team!”

Supporters are called… les supporters.(Keep in mind : we occasionally “Frenchify” the term by spelling it “un supporteur”.)

Example:“Désolée, moi je supporte l’équipe d’Argentine, c’est là que je suis née.”“I’m sorry, I’m rooting for the Argentinian team, that’s where I was born.”

Before the final game, tbelow are les matchs de qualifications, (= qualification matches), les matchs de poule (= pool games), les huitièmes de finale, (= 1/8th finals), les quarts de finale, (= quarter finals), une demi-finale (= a semi final).

The Belgian team is nicknamed “Les Diables rouges” (= The Red Devils). The Cameroonian team is nicknamed “Les Lions Indomptables” (= The Indomitable Lions). But the a lot of renowned French-speaking team could be… L’Équipe (= “The Team”), the French nation-wide everyday newspaper devoted to sports!

L’Équipe is among the most-read French newsrecords, and also the original creator of the renowned bicycle race Le Tour de France. You have the right to read L’Équipe digital. Or check out and watch our leskid to gain an introduction to “Le Tour de France”.

2. Le match

Un match, sometimes dubbed une rencontre (=a meeting, or an event), is 90 minutes of individual virtuosity, participation, and also suspense! First, everyone enters le terrain (= the field).

The game is played in deux mi-temps, two 45 minutes halves.(Note: on its very own, la mi-temps is the the 10-minutes halftime pause in between the two durations.)

Example:“Oh, Michel, tu as vu le however de Griezmann dans la deuxième mi-temps ?”Oh, Michel, did you see the goal by Griezmann throughout the second half?

Les joueurs, the players, attempt to get le ballon, the round, to marque un but, to score a goal, without letting the various other team score. When a shot flies past le gardien de but, the goalkeeper (additionally frequently called le goal), the crowd goes wild!

Example: Buuuuut !

The game starts and also finish with l’arbitre, the referee, blowing his whistle.He’s also the one to enforce the rules and also allude out une faute, fouls.Such as la main, a hand round, le hors-jeu, an offside…A foul play can result in un coup franc, a straight free kick, un penalty / “un péno”, a penalty kick, or even un carton, a penalty card.

“Allez, y’avait faute là ! L’arbitre est aveugle !”“Oh come on, that was a foul! The referee have to be blind!”

A footsphere field has actually deux camps (= 2 ends). The teams readjust ends between the first and also the second halves. In front of each goal, there’s la surface de réparation (= the penalty area), periodically simply dubbed la surface.

Famous French Player for 2018

Footround players deserve to be un attaquant (= forward), un défenseur (= defender), un milieu de terrain (= midfielder)… or un remplaçant (= a substitute).In 2018 for circumstances, we’ll have actually des attaquants such as Antoine Griezmann or Kylian Mbappé, and des défenseurs such as Paul Pogba.

La Coupe du Monde de 1998 (= the 1998 FIFA World Cup), taken place two decades earlier. And it’s still important! It happened in France, and also that’s where Les Bleus won their first (and so much only) World Cup.

Tbelow was substantial renowned support, and giant crowds in the roads to celebrate. The players were treated as heroes, and they still are exceptionally famous: Zinedine Zidane came to be a gigantic star in France for circumstances, and also Didier Deschamps, the team captain, is now le sélectionneur de l’équipe de France (= the nationwide coach).

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It was a big rise for the country’s morale!(Note: Culturally, it was seen as a big victory for “La France Black Blanc Beur”, a varied team uniting French human being from all origins and also minorities.)

We all sang together the 1998 French Soccer Hymn, a cover of Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. Another French monument, former singer Johnny Hallyday, additionally acquired in the action through a unique song: go watch it, it’s called “Tous Ensemble” and also it’s remarkable.