If you’re a start Mandarin student, possibilities are you’re eager to learn some of the a lot of standard Chinese words and phrases. After “hello” and “my name is,” learning to say “no” in Chinese is most likely near the height of your list. Read this post to uncover 10 ways to refuse someone through style.


Mastering the different ways to say “no” in Chinese is a great method to make your Chinese sound authentic.

Essential Vocabulary for Saying No in Chinese

不是bùshì (pronounced "búshì")no/incorrect
不是的bùshìde (pronounced "búshìde")no/incorrect
no (abrupt, have the right to be impolite)
不对bùduì (pronounced "búduì")no/incorrect
不行bùxíngno (deserve to be impolite)
不可以bù kěyǐno, can"t/may not
不可能bù kěnéngimpossible/no method (deserve to be impolite)
不用bùyòng (pronounced "búyòng")no, thanks (polite)
不好意思bù hǎoyìsi + explanationsorry (polite)
抱歉bàoqiàn + explanationsorry (polite)
不会bùhuì (pronounced "búhuì")No, can"t
不要bù yào (pronounced "búyào")No, don"t desire to/do not want it
不喜欢bù xǐhuānNo, don"t favor it