For example, as soon as finishing a job, need to I say "I have actually finished" or "I am finished". Is there a distinction in meaning?



Depending on conmessage they can have actually the very same or slightly various meanings

I have actually finished

would be shelp after completing a job either very freshly or some time in the recent past

I am finished

would certainly be sassist after extremely freshly completing a job.

It deserve to additionally have actually the interpretation of hopelessness as a perchild deals with impending doom

I"ve shed everything, I"m finiburned.

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or illustration a dramatic end to a relationship

She shelp she was finimelted through her boyfriend.


You could say either one, but points acquire even more facility as soon as you elaborate and mention what you"ve finished:

I have actually finished this job.

I am finimelted with this job.


Both are grammatically correct.

I am finished

The speaker is in the state of being finiburned with a job.

I have finished

This explains the completion of the task in the very recent past. (present perfect tense)


I think tright here are actually 3 components we"re discussing here:

"To Be Finished", where "Finished" is an adjective meaning "completed" or "over"The prepositional expression "To Be Finished With Something" which means the speaker is no longer interested or affiliated with Something"To Have Finished (Something)", interpretation something has been completed.

Here are some examples:

"You are finished! You will never before occupational in this city again!""I have actually finished my homework-related. My homework-related is finished.""I can not take an additional action, I"m finished, I"m with.""Sir, you haven"t finished your steak.""No, I"m finished with this steak, waiter. You can clear my plate."

I relate it to French, where "Je suis fini" (I am finished/dead/over) has actually a much various interpretation than "J"ai fini" (I have finimelted / I"m done).

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Also, this is just grammatically speaking. I live in western Canada, and we certainly do not soptimal this means colloquially.