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In this blog short article, I have actually some Spanish words for injuries, specifically the kind of injuries that one gets from call sports. Even if you don’t practise contact sports, knowing these words might come in handy if you have actually little youngsters or grandyoungsters who play and also autumn, and also have actually a propensity to acquire bumps and also bruises. From analysis this blog short article, you deserve to suppose to learn the following:

1. How to say pinched nerve in Spanish2. How to say bruise in Spanish3. How to say lump, bump, knot (that one would certainly obtain after being hit or struck) in Spanish4. How to say black eye in Spanish

Here in Medellín, Colombia, I practice an “artes marciales” (martial arts) called “Jiu-jitsu Brasileño” (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) and a few days back, I suffered a pinched nerve while training. Earlier now, I made a decision to send an e-mail to my Jiu-jitsu instructor to tell him that I will be out until my “herida” (injury) heals.

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Without offering it much believed, once preparing my email to him I defined the injury in Spanish as a “nervio pinchado.” And then I thought around it . . .

How To Say Pinched Nerve In Spanish

And I asked myself is “nervio pinchado” really the correct term in Spanish for pinched nerve? Or am I just making a literal translation?

So I went on-line and also checked out some of the forums for foreign language learners and I discovered that tright here are numerous phrases that Spanish speakers usage in order to say pinched nerve:

1. Nervio pellizcado2. Nervio pinchado3. Compresión del nervio

Before you go, I have actually more Spanish words that I want to share via you. I have uncovered them advantageous to recognize for anyone who practices any type of call sport — and for anyone who has actually little youngsters or grandkids who play and also autumn, and also have a tendency to obtain bumps and bruises.

How To Say Bruise In Spanish

1. Moraexecute – bruise

Después de la pelea, el boxeador tenía la cara cubierta de morados.After the fight, the boxer had actually a face extended through bruises.


2. Moretón – bruise

Después de caerse, el niño tenía un moretón en la frente.After falling, the boy had a bruise on his forehead.

In Colombia, the word that I hear provided for bruise is “moracarry out.” “Morado” literally implies “purple.” I checked through one of the LSLC instructors from Mexico and she said that the word “moretón” is the word that is typically supplied in Mexico for “bruise.”

How To Say Lump, Bump or Knot In Spanish

3. Chichón – lump, bump, knot (that one would get after being hit or struck).

Tienes un gran chichón en la cabeza.You have big lump on your head.


How To Say Black Eye in Spanish

4. Chipote – lump, bump, knot (that one would certainly get after being hit or struck).

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In Colombia, the word that I hear supplied for lump or bump is “chichón.” I checked with the exact same LSLC instructor from Mexico and she shelp that the word “chipote” is a little even more frequently used in Mexico than “chichón.”

5. Ojo moraexecute – babsence eye (“ojo morado” literally implies “purple eye).