As Wonder Womale, Gal Gadot deserve to perform anypoint - apart from acquiring people to pronounce her name effectively.

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You've more than likely been calling her Gal Gah-dote or Gal Gah-doh all this time. Or probably you're not at all certain and also have actually been mumbling her surname, hoping no one will notice.

But the Israeli actress newly cleared up the confusion by informing Jimmy Kimmel it's actually pronounced Gal Gad-dott.

She's not the only one who's struggled through name issues. Here are a few various other famed deals with whose name you may have been saying wrong.

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Twenty years back, no one had actually heard of Harry Potter writer JK Rowling. But via excellent fame comes excellent name mispronunciation.

Is it Roe-ling or Rowl-ling? The writer as soon as corrected an interviewer saying: "It's Rolling - as in Stone."

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Sieg-freed, Sigh-freed, Sieg-fred and Say-freed have actually all been shelp to her face, and also eincredibly time she cringes.


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Last year Barbra Streisand made headlines after she complained to Apple boss Tim Chef about the means Siri says her name.

"She pronounces my name wrong," the singer told NPR. "Streisand with a soft S, prefer sand on the beach."

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Shia LaBeouf famously wore a document bag on his head at the Berlin Film Festival in 2014, saying he wasn't well known anymore.

But in talking around the occurrence, world were forced to say his name - which was a tiny tricky for some.

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To make points also more confusing, that's not even her actual name either. In Afrikaans, it's pronounced Shar-leeze Thrawn, but she's opted for Ther-in as she thinks it's easier to say.

The Osvehicle winner when helpfully explained to interviewers how to pronounce her name: "It's Sa-ran-don - rhymes via abandon."

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