Spanish swear words are some of the most vivid words you'll ever hear. You can't speak to yourself fluent till you recognize these curse words by heart.

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Swear words. It's an art and science that deserve to only be perfected through endure.

Use it the ideal away and it have the right to release a ton of stress and anxiety and also reason some laughter from people around you. But use it erroneously, and also you run the danger of making a fool of yourself, while possibly harming someone's feelings!

Spanish swear words have actually one of the a lot of artistic expressions and beginnings, as you'll view below. The variance of different cultures from Mexico to Spain, likewise make it amazing because one swear word might not be known by another culture (or offered rather rarely).

If you're in search of a good laugh, or if you want to impush your Spanish speaking friends, study and memorize the following swear words in Spanish. It may simply exmention you sufficient to begin learning how to stop Spanish!

17 Spanish Swear Words You Thought Were Harmless

1. Qué Cabrón!

Meaning: What a bastard

In literal translation, this indicates 'big male goat'. There's a famed old Spanish saying that a man's horn grows when his wife is having an affair through him. People rarely usage it as a harmful curse, however fairly as a sarcastic remark stated to a cshed friend.‍

2. Mierda

Meaning: Shit or crap

There's no common Spanish swear word than 'mierda'. It literally converts to 'shit' or 'crap'.

For example: Hay mierda por toperform el campo porque ayer estuvieron aquí los caballos. - There's shit almost everywhere the area because the equines were below yesterday. However, like English, people usage it to expush their anger or frustration quite than making use of it to define actual shit.‍

3. Los Cojones

Meaning: The 2 amigos (Down there)

Yep, the Spanish guys are definitely proud of their huevos. It's not supplied frequently exactly how you may think it's provided. In everyday conversations, the majority of human being describe 'Los Cojones' for calling one's bluff, such as 'bullshit!'

It's additionally one of the the majority of versatile Spanish swear words. You can usage it to say 'Tienes cojones' which indicates 'You have actually balls' for describing a bold or brave activity. Or define your eye balls via the exact same word. Its' why the Spanish say, “cojones sirve para toexecute."

Watch this video to learn more around this swear word.‍

4. Joder

Meaning: F*ck

Don't be alarmed, it might translate to the F-word, but it's not as strong as you think. Teenagers and also adults usage it loosely to one one more, and it's well accepted in a lot of Spanish cultures without offfinishing one another.

Some civilization get smart by saying joder without the “d” to make it sound choose they're some other word.‍

5. Tonto del culo

Meaning: Idiot of the ass

This one most likely doesn't require a lot description. 'Tonto del culo' is recognized as slightly harsher, and it's provided to refer exactly how silly one can be. As you may tell, it's provided via cshed friends or it has a good possibility of seriously offfinishing someone. Use via caution :)‍

6. Hijo de puta

Meaning: Son of a b*tchThe word 'hijo' suggests son, and also 'puta' means b*itch. It's obviously a prevalent swear word we use in English, and also choose our language, it have the right to be supplied to describe someone or to expush one's frustration. Similar to 'Mierda'.

Anvarious other common means to use this is to express just how surprised you are, such as once you hear the surprising news -- good or bad.

Who much better to describe this swear word than the star of the hit present, Narcos?

7. Gilipollas

Meaning: Idiot or dumbass A prevalent Spanish phrase to usage is 'no seas gilipollas' wh which implies “don’t be a dumbass" or "don't be an idiot."You might additionally use it loosely to expect 'jerk', 'brat', etc.

Here's an example: ¡Vaya gilipollas que es este tipo! - This male is such a jerk!‍

8. Pollas en vinagre

Meaning: D*cks in vinegar

Yes, you've heard that right. This is probably the coolest swear word in Spanish, and the a lot of complicated one to trace back. It's normally offered to express a disagreement one has actually over an argument or discussion

.It's difficult to say how frequently civilization use this swear word, yet if you pull this out in a discussion, I'm sure human being will be pleasantly surprised (and even impressed?).‍

9. La hostia

Meaning: "The host" or "Shit"

Yes, 'host' and 'shit' intend very various things. The word originates from Southern components of Spain, where 'hostia' is provided in communion to describe 'the hold.' Due to the fact that Spain is such a Catholic country, incorporating the holy mother church can be among the the majority of offensive remarks you have the right to say, relying on exactly how spiritual a perchild is.

Hostia can be offered one its own to say 'shit' or 'holy shit' or as an add-on word choose 'hostia puta', which implies 'Divine f*ck.'‍

10. Que te folle un pez

Meaning: I hope you acquire f*cked by a fish

I recognize, we're entering ridiculous area currently. This is where the beauty and also creativity of Spanish swear words come in. I intend, exactly how execute you even come cshed to an insult like that in English?

You might should level up and practice a little before you can usage a vivid swear word like this, however it's largely supplied to expush somepoint like 'screw you'.‍

11. Que te den

Meaning: Up yoursIn an additional translation, it can mean 'f*ck you' or 'f*ck off.' Nice and straightforward right?‍

12. Puta madre

Meaning: Mvarious other f*cker

I can already tell this one will certainly be popular for a lot of people. Especially those that currently usage the word a lot in English! Like 'hijo de puta', the phrase deserve to be offered as a hyperbole to exaggeprice somepoint you feel.

Let's say your favorite sporting activities team wins their enhance to enter the playoffs, you'll say 'I can't believe my team won! de puta madre!'

On the offensive range, it have to be rated reasonably high offered the actual translation. But because of how prevalent it is used by the majority of world, many civilization won't be as offended. Got to love Spanish right?‍

13. Coño

Meaning: C*nt

And yes, this is as offensive as it gets. No different than English. Be very mindful prior to you decide to use this word to someone else, you may be in danger.‍

14. Me cearlier en toperform lo que se menea!

Meaning: I shit on every little thing that moves

This is a favorite for many kind of Spanish learners, as it has actually that extra spunk to it. It's not a short, one word swear word, yet a entirety sentence

!It's loosely analyzed to intend 'f*ck' and also the words 'Me cback...' have the right to be offered to incorporate simply around any type of word to create a swear word. Get imaginative via this one!‍

15. Pinche

Meaning: F*cking

Straight out of Mexico, this is just one of the the majority of prevalent swear words offered tbelow. It's the add-on word for just about eexceptionally swear word you deserve to imagine. Pinche this, pinche that.

A fun way to intensify the meaning of what you're trying to say, similar to the method we usage it in English.‍

16. Pendejo

Meaning: Pubic hair

This is one more common dirty Spanish word offered in Mexico. It literally means 'pubic hair' which has no straight reasoning of why it's a swear word.

Generally it's supplied at someone to speak to them a coward or moron, relying on wright here you're using it especially. But it's so prevalent that friends will frequently call each other 'pendejo' for fun.‍

17. Un putero

Meaning: A f*cking lot of

This is type of a play on words with the swear word puta. It's offered to accentuate or exaggerate somepoint you're trying to say, such as 'un putero de gente' which implies 'a f*cking lot of human being.'‍

Bonus Spanish Swear Word: Anda a Cagar

Meaning: Go take a poop

There's no straight deliver we can describe in English, however it basically means 'obtain lost' or 'go amethod.' Normally expressed in frustration or in an angry method.

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Which of these Spanish swear words were your favorite? Comment via one that we missed out on.