The Italian word domani (tomorrow in English) originates from the Latin de mane whose stormy translation is beginning from the morning.

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IPA: /doˈmani/

Domani deserve to be paired via various words that denote the time of day:

domani mattina (or domattina) = tomorrow morningdomani pomeriggio = tomorrow afternoondomani sera = tomorrow eveningdomani notte = tomorrow night

Domani sera vacarry out da un amico per una cena.

Tomorrow evening I’m going to a friend’s home for a dinner.

Il single tramonta. Domani sarà un altro giorno. = The sunlight sets. Tomorrow will certainly be an additional day.

The expression the day after tomorrow can be conveyed using two terms in Italian: the common and also colloquial dopodomani (literally “after tomorrow“) and the literary posdomani. A third expression domale l’altro additionally exists however it is rarely provided these days.

Dopodomani è il compleanno di Sara!

The day after tomorrow is Sara’s birthday!

Two expressions Italians generally usage to cshed a conversation are Ci vediamo domani! (See you tomorrow!) and also A domani! (Until tomorrow!) If you’re interested, you have the right to watch our complete list of methods to say goodbye in Italian right here.

If you uncover yourself confutilizing the comparable sounding un domani and also indomani, you’re not alone! The former implies someday whereas the latter equates as the next day or the complying with day.

Un domani sperodi diventare papà.

Someday I hope to become a dad.

Lui non potrà andare da nessuna partefino all’indomani.

He won’t have the ability to go almost everywhere till the following day.

Unfavor the word tomorrow, domani can likewise feature as a more poetic way of saying future (futuro) in Italian. In this sense, it is often used as a noun preyielded by the definite post il.

Goditi la vita perché il domani è incerto.

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Enjoy life bereason the future is uncertain.

Expressions featuring the word ‘domani’

Meglio un uovo oggi che una gallina domani

Literal meaning: Better an egg this day than a hen tomorrowEnglish translation: a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush

Dall’oggi al domani

Literal meaning: From today to tomorrowEnglish translation: without warning, easily, suddenly

Oggi o domani

Literal meaning: this particular day or tomorrowEnglish translation: sometime or another

Oggi a me, domani a te

Literal meaning: today to me, tomorrow to youEnglish translation: the misfortunes that happen to us have the right to additionally take place to those that rejoice in those misfortunes