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Marie from the UK asks if tright here are other comparable expressions to “STASERA” (tonight) and also “DOMATTINA” (tomorrow morning)

STASERA suggests “tonight” or “this evening“, and we"ll usage this word whenever before we must talk around these times of the day.

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Tright here is a substantial social distinction between Italian and English speaking countries. What you"d refer to as “tonight” will in the majority of instances be rendered in Italian via STASERA and practically never before via STANOTTE (which literally implies “Tonight“).

CI VEDIAMO STASERA ALLE 7. I"ll see you tonight at 7.

In Italian STASERA is great for anypoint that takes place prior to midnight.


CI VEDIAMO STASERA!I"ll check out you tonight / We"ll check out each other tonight!

CHE FAI STASERA?What are you doing tonight?

STASERA PIOVE…Tonight it"s raining / Tonight it"s going to rain.

STASERA ALLE 10 ANDIAMO AL CINEMATonight at 10 we"re going to the movies.


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DOMATTINA means “tomorrow morning“, and also we"ll use this word whenever we must talk around this time of the day.


DOMATTINA VADO AL MARE. VIENI ANCHE TU?Tomorrow morning I"m going to the beach. Wanna come?(Are you coming too?)

MARCO PARTE DOMATTINAMarco is leaving tomorrow.

DOMATTINA NON CI SONOI"m not there/right here tomorrow morning.

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And what about DOPODOMANI? Dopodomani means “the day after tomorrow”, and we"ll use this word whenever we should talk about this time of the week.


LA CENA È DOPODOMANIDinner is the day after tomorrow.

DOPODOMANI C"È IL SOLEThe day after tomorrow is going to be sunny.

SAM ARRIVA DOPODOMANISam gets right here the day after tomorrow.

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GIORNI DELLA SETTIMANA (days of the week)MATTINA (morning)
DOMANI (tomorrow)POMERIGGIO (afternoon)
DOPODOMANI (the day after tomorrow)SERA (evening)
IERI (yesterday)
L’ALTROIERI (the day prior to yesterday)


MARTEDÌ SERA Tuesday evening/night

GIOVEDÌ MATTINA Thursday morning

DOMANI POMERIGGIO Tomorrow afternoon

DOPODOMANI SERA The day after tomorrow in the evening

IERI POMERIGGIO Yesterday afternoon

L"ALTROIERI MATTINA The day before yesterday in the morning

As stated earlier, we rarely usage the word NOTTE to refer to the night, unless that is precisely what we intend (after midnight kind of night!):

SIAMO PARTITI IERI NOTTE ALLE 3We left last night at 3am

IERI NOTTE MI HANNO RUBATO A CASAMy location got robbed last night (as in, in the middle of the night)

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