When you are talking around Chinese language, it might be a little confutilizing bereason there are so many type of names for the Chinese language, such as hànyǔ 汉语, zhōngwén 中文, pǔtōnghuà 普通话, guóyǔ 国语, huáwén 华文 and also huáyǔ 华语. Why so many various names for this language in its very own language?!

Here are some tips to assist you name the Chinese language in Chinese on various occasions or to various world.

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The name ‘Hanyu’

“汉语” (hànyǔ) literally means “the language of Han civilization (the biggest ethnic group in China)”. It refers to the language itself from a etymological perspective, so a “汉语书” (hànyǔ shū) means a book that aid you learn Chinese, ie. a textbook. This name is generally used by language teachers or when civilization are talking around researching Chinese language.

Be careful! 汉语 (hànyǔ) is conveniently confused with 韩语 (hànyǔ) which means Korean language.

Using ‘Zhongwen’ for ‘Chinese language’

“中文” (zhōngwén) literally implies “the written language of China” , therefore a “中文书” (zhōngwén shū) means a book created in Chinese, which could be a novel or a play, and so on The usage of this name is wider now, not only limited to created, but additionally spoken Chinese. People who are not connected in language teaching prefer to usage “中文” (zhōngwén) more than “汉语” (hànyǔ). Now you most likely understand also human being on the street better.

Hanyu versus Zhongwen

So both hànyǔ 汉语 and zhōngwén 中文 intend “Chinese language”. Many students understand also 中文 as “created Chinese,” and also 汉语 as “spoken Chinese.” Is this correct? Not really! In contemporary Chinese, 中文 and also 汉语 have actually the exact same definition and, in many instances, are interchangeable.

When referring to the written language, use 中文:

I deserve to compose Chinese 我会写中文 Wǒ huì xiě zhōngwénChinese subtitles 中文字幕 zhōngwén zìmùChinese Wiki 中文维基 zhōngwén wéijī

When referring to the spoken language, the 2 terms are interchangeable.

I deserve to sheight Chinese 我会说中文/汉语 Wǒ huì shuō zhōngwén/hànyǔ

Modern Chinese dictionary 现代汉语字典 Xiàndài hànyǔ zìdiǎnDictionaries regularly relate to the entire language, both spoken and also composed, consisting of pronunciation. To keep it easy, all dictionaries use “汉语”.

Putonghua for the accent

“普通话”(pútōng huà) is analyzed as “prevalent language” or “Mandarin”, which is a principle equivalent to “dialects” (There are 129 dialects in China. ) “普通话”(pútōng huà) is based upon the pronunciation of Beijing Dialect and it’s the language you and every Chinese kid are discovering now. People who are from areas through a solid feeling of dialects would more than likely choose this word as soon as they praise your spoken Chinese.

‘Zhongguo hua’ for a name

“中国话”(zhōngguó huà) emphasizes “中国” (zhōngguó) as a country, “the speech of China”, it’s provided in Japanese and also Oriental too. This word is used in incredibly casual occasions, such as as soon as a cab driver is chatting through you.

‘Guoyu’ for Taiwan

“国语”(guóyǔ) is another method of saying “普通话”(pútōng huà) in Taiwan. Guóyǔ 国语 literally indicates nationwide language and also describes Taiwanese Mandarin, which is a language of Chinese and also the official language of Taiwan. It is likewise based on the phonology of Beijing dialect. However, 国语 has some remarkable distinctions in vocabulary, grammar and also pronunciation via Standard Mandarin and for Chinese characters, they still use typical personalities in Taiwan.

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Other names are ‘Huayu’ and also ‘Huawen’

华文 huáwén or 华语 huáyǔ is mainly provided outside mainland also China, prefer in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia, wbelow Chinese is the main language or used by a lot of of the population. For instance, a kid from Malaysia might say: ”I’ve gone to 华文学校 huáwén xuéxiào (Chinese school) given that I was bit.” 华文 and also 华语 are both regarded huárén 华人 , a name for the primitive farming people living along the Yellow River. Now huárén even more generally refers to ethnic Chinese human being and also their language almost everywhere the civilization.

Have we made points clearer or even more complicated now? What word would you use as soon as you are talking to us?