In this lesboy, we’re going to cover the Oriental question words. These are words that you have the right to use to ask questions, which is really important for having conversations in Korean.

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Once you learn these Korean question words, you will certainly have the ability to ask many type of concerns from your Korean friends and also likewise understand the concerns they’ll desire to ask you.


What type of in Oriental – 어떤 (eotteon)

Words for “what type of” in Oriental is 어떤 (eotteon).

어떤 음식을 제일 좋아하세요? (eotteon eumsigeul jeil joahaseyo?)

What type of food carry out you like the most?

What (sort of) in Korean – 무슨 (museun)

You can say “what (kind of)” in Korean as 무슨 (museun).

이게 무슨 냄새예요? (ige museun naemsaeyeyo?)

What (kind of) smell is this?

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How many/much/long in Korean – 얼마나 (eolmana)

When asking about “just how many” in Korean, you deserve to say it as 얼마나 (eolmana). Same goes for “exactly how much” in Korean and also “how long” in Korean.

집에서 홍대까지 얼마나 걸릴거예요? (jibeseo hongdaekkaji eolmana geollilgeoyeyo?)

How a lot time will certainly it take from your home to Hongdae?

How a lot in Oriental -얼마 (eolma)

You deserve to additionally say “just how much” in Oriental as 얼마 (eolma).

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바나나 1개 얼마예요? (banana hangae eolmayeyo?)

How a lot does one banana cost?

How many kind of in Oriental – 몇 (myeot)

The more certain word for “how many” in Oriental is 몇 (myeot).