You’re definitely not the just one that gets uneasy about saying the word butt in Spanish. I composed this post so you deserve to stop making a culo out of yourself unintentionally :).

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First of all, in this postwe’re talking anatomy. We’renot discussing the conjunction “however,” nor some other use of the word “butt” choose “head butt”, “butt” of a cigarette, “butt” of a joke, “butt” of a rifle, “butt” of bread,nor a “butt” weld. If you’re interested in these terms also, examine out the tail finish of this short article.

Even as soon as you narrow down your usage of“butt” in Spanish to just anatomy, you still have a handful of options…take a peep:

Typical words for “butt”in Spanish, only 2 are recommended:

El culo: Ass – please don’t use this via patients – no discussion necessary.

Los glúteos:Great alternative for every one of your adult patients. Yes, it is tecnically a specific term for the muscles in your bottom, yet it functions perfectly in a professional conmessage.Los glúteosis afirm alternative.

Lasnalgas:This is an okay word for butt,and it’s entirely benign for many people, however not all. So, it’s not recommended. At best, this is a flabby choice.

El pompis: Great method to say “bottom” once talking to a boy. It sounds a tiny silly when talking to an adult to use pompis, yet you can’t go wrong when speaking through kids. This is another firm alternative.

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El trasero, las pompas, las nachas:The behind or backside of a perboy. These arenotnecessarily offensive terms by nature(that I’m mindful of), they’rejust a too colloquial and also don’t sound professional sufficient for you to use through patients. If you ever before have occasion to talk about butts in a social establishing, these couldbe firm choices; yet be careful around your tone – you deserve to basically makemany words offensive if you say them in a suggestive way. In professional settings, you won’t usage any of these three, therefore I provide them aflabby rating.

That’s it for butt in Spanish as we describe anatomy. ¡Cuidado!

Other meanings of “butt” in Spanish:

butas a conjunction: perohead butt: cabezazocigarette butt: la colilla, la chinga, la bachabuttof a joke: el puerquito, el blanco, el objetobutt of a rifle: la culatabuttin wbelow you don’t belong: metersebutt of bread: la tapa, la suegra, la punta, el cuscurro, el curruscobutt weld: soldadura a tope

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