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When you complete analysis this blog write-up, you will certainly recognize how to say Frosted Flakes in Spanish. You will certainly additionally know exactly how to say rice in Spanish, just how to say oatmeal in Spanish, and just how to say corn in Spanish.

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Today, I noticed somepoint “muy raro” (incredibly strange) in the “supermercado” (supermarket) here in Medellín, Colombia.

In Latin America, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes (the cereal) are not called “Frosted Flakes.” They are dubbed “Zucaritas.”

“Zucaritas” is reportedly a shortened create of the word “azucaritas” which literally suggests “little bit sugars.”

Today, I additionally noticed that in Latin America, Kellogg’s Coco Krispies are not dubbed “Coco Crispies.” They are dubbed “Choco Krispis.”

But the other Amerihave the right to cereals keep their UNITED STATE names, such as Lucky Cdamages, Trix, Froot Loops, Corn Flakes, and so on.

While we are on the topic of “cereal” — I have actually SEIS (6) words related to “cereal” to share via you. By the method, the word “cereal” is spelled the same in both English and Spanish.

How To Say Oat Meal In Spanish

1. Avena – oatmeal, oats

Desayuné un vaso de jugo de naranja y un tazón de avena con leche.For breakrapid, I had a glass of orange juice and also a bowl of oatmeal with milk.

By the way, in Colombia and many various other components of Latin America, “avena” or oatmeal is made right into anon-alcoholic drink that you have the right to drink at any type of time of the day.

Here’s a pic of the many well-known brand also of “bebida de avena” (oatmeal drink) in Colombia:


I noticed that the over Web site also has actually a attach where you deserve to order “bebida de avena” online. If you order it, after you attempt it out, sfinish me an e-mail and let me know if you liked it or not. I like that brand also yet I favor to make it “casera” (home-made) utilizing “hojuelas de avena” (oatmeal flakes), “leche” (milk), azucar (sugar), and “canela” (cinnamon).

How To Say Wwarm In Spanish

2. Trigo – wheat

El trigo ha siperform standard parala alimentación de muchas actually personas.

Wheat has actually come to be basic for the nutrition of many kind of civilization.

How To Say Corn In Spanish

3. Maíz – corn

Las tortillas mexicanas se hacen con harina de maíz y el pan se hace con harina de trigo.Mexican tortillas are made from cornmeal and bread is made from wwarmth flour.

4. Centeno – rye

Con centeno se hace un tipo de pan de tono oscuro llamaperform pan negro.With rye you make a kind of breview through a dark tone called black breview.

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5. Cebada – barley

De la cebada se hacen el whiskies y la cerveza.From barley whisky and also beer is made.