I"ve constantly loved the series, yet eextremely time I watch this episode I can"t help yet wonder what the dirty joke is.

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In episode 5 "Tests and also Breasts" the geeks hear jocks telling a joke that finished through "just how perform you think I rang the doorbell?" and it becomes the design template of the episode. Everyone seems to gain it by the finish.

So has anyone ever heard this joke before? Is it an actual joke or did they just attempt to discover an outrageous punchline to keep the audience guessing?

i have heard the joke before however i cant remember it all, it starts via a women putting an ad in the paper in search of a male, that wouldnt run away at the sight of commitment, who wouldnt hit her, and might meet her sex life, 2 weeks go by and nothing ultimately sooner or later the door bell rings, she opens the door and sees a no equipped no legged guy, she looks at him and also asks him just how he expects to meet her wishes and he describes i have no arms to hit you with and also no legs to run amethod, then she claims and the sex life, he looks at her and claims i rang the door bell didnt i

sorry about my crued composing thats as close as i have the right to remember

A woguy who had been married twice and also divorced twice was fed up. Her

first husband also beat her, and also her second husband ran amethod via another

woguy. Plus, she couldn"t uncover a new lover who might satisfy her

sexually, so she put an ad in the classifieds:

Wanted: A good looking, single male that will not beat me, will not leave me,

and is great in bed.

About a week later on, her doorbell rings. She opens up the door to discover a

man with no arms and also legs on her front porch.

"I"m below around your ad," he claims.

"You have to be mistaken," she claims.

"Let me describe," he claims. "I can not beat you, I don"t have actually any arms.

And I can"t run away because I don"t have any legs."

"But," she asks, "How do I understand you"re great in bed?"

"I rang the doorbell, didn"t I?"

It means he"s really hung and his cock most likely gets super expensive when he"s difficult. (He additionally most likely shoots great loads too).

I don"t understand also the joke.

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