I've check out around this on the Diablo forums, but I'm still perplexed. Can someone describe this? Thanks!


Bane of the Stricken just needs to be supplied in high GRs, wright here it takes even more than a minute or two to kill the Rift Guardian. And I intend literal minutes, not feels like minutes.

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Once you carry out need it, it's all about assault speed. The even more attacks you gain versus the very same tarobtain, the more damages you perform.

Also, the amount of extra damage you get (per stack) by leveling this gem is very small, so if you're doing really high GRs, be all set to spfinish numerous time leveling up your BotS in order to obtain coherent damage out of it.

At reduced challenges, you must probably be using Bane of the Powerful rather.

Thanks for the response. Is tright here any kind of way to tell just how many type of stacks you have? I read from resources that you can refresh stacks by using potion or by entering a new level. I'm not certain why you would certainly carry out this?

By this, it seems like Powerful need to be better for my GR65 farming through Innas Gen monk. Even through 4+ APS, it would take me about 4-5 seconds to develop enough Stricken stacks on each adversary to consist of the prompt 20% boosted damage distinction from Powerful. If it's taking me any type of much longer than around 6 secs to kill an elite, Stricken would probably be much better. Would you agree?

Tright here are some builds wright here Bane of the Stricken is also a huge damagedealer acomponent from the Rift Guardian largely GenMonk, via so many kind of atacks it stacks up rapid and also is exceptionally noticeable against mobs

quins old guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoYWLbfrVoY

updated snapshotting mechanics: https://www.muzic-ivan.info/r/Diablo/comments/3o8stk/update_an_indepth_guide_to_snapshotting/

It works based upon strike speed (not just variety of attacks). You hit somepoint it applies to the extremely first point hit then goes on a cooldown of (1s / assault speed).

So if you had actually 5 aps, you might potentially apply strike 5x a 2nd. But if you were using a skill choose acid cloud and also only had actually 2aps, it would certainly just use to one of the mobs hit (the first).

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