How Logan Should Have Ended: Wolverine Does Les Mis Logan gets the complete How It Should Have Ended parody treatment in the latest animated short from the well known internet series.

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Logan - Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the woods

WARNING: This video consists of SPOILERS for Logan


Popular YouTube channel How it Should Have Ended has finally unveiled their parody for this year"s hit Logan. The film observed returning writer and director James Mangold - whose last film came in the form of the 2013 predecessor The Wolverine - turn in among the best-received installments in the X-Men movie series that raked in a grand also complete of $500 million at the box office global. Ostensibly a standalone manufacturing concentrating on an aging Hugh Jackmale as fan favorite superhero Wolverine, Mangold offered for what will undoubtedly be one of the most remembered and iconic superhero movies of the previous few years.

Fans of the character and film series came out in droves to see Logan following its initial theatrical release simply last month, and also Mangold and Jackguy are a huge component of why the movie controlled to draw such a large crowd. On that note, the folks behind the notorious web series How It Should Have Ended have actually simply released a new animated short parodying Jackman"s supposedly final rotate as Wolverine - in enhancement to a few well aimed jabs at his lead duty in the 2012 movie musical adaptation of Les Miserables.

In the video featured above, How It Should Have Ended gives for one more hilarious take on an additional blockbuster phenomenon, as every one of the taut drama and explicit violence featured front and also facility in Logan is upfinished in a musical parody that takes straight inspiration from Jackman"s revolve in Les Miserables. Calling attention to the strained nature of the X-Men feature franchise - and also the seeming ridiculousness that is the generational inevitability of Wolverine being recast in future installments - Logan is given the complete HISHE treatment.

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Logan - Hugh Jackguy as Wolverine in the woods
Harking ago to each and eincredibly revolve that the X-Men feature franchise has actually taken hence much, the above video parody of Logan should serve to a bring a smile to the challenge of the movie"s the majority of die-difficult fans. Jackguy might be taking a bow to the duty of Wolverine, but that doesn"t expect we"ve watched the last of the character in the neighboring series of movies - as the brief cameo from Wade Wilchild of Deadpool renders abundantly obvious and also hilarious in the video"s post-credits scene.  

Logan was truly a superb activity image manufacturing that, as Mangold derisively proclaimed, was much even more than a 120-minute lengthy tentpole film. As fans of Jackman"s tenure in the role of Wolverine proceed to mourn his leave from the bigger franchise, this latest video parody from How It Should Have Ended will certainly serve as an extra than fitting eulogy to the actor"s presumed-to-be last on-display screen performance as the character.