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CSL Layout Spoiler Interemainder Thread: me up for HIC roof spoilers!
It"s like the Energizer Bunny, it keep"s going and also going and going and also going....... You simply have to execute the proper maintenance at the ideal intervals.
DIY: Suspension Install
When I obtained my "88 Legend, I provided to joke that it would certainly take me right into the next millennium.And it did.Looks favor if I play my cards best, the "04 TSX will as well. :laugh:
I think with correct maintenance, these cars will run forever before. The just thing that worries me is oil intake. As lengthy as it does not acquire any worse, I"m sure my 2004 will keep going.
The method I see it...At the finish of the day its a other words if you carry out regimen maintenance it must go over 200k easy. My 1st 2 cars ever before were older Accords and also both ran solid at 210k+. Only reason I got rid of the 1st Accord was rust worries being older and also in Maine winters via all the salt n sand also on the road. Only reason I removed the 2nd Accord w/210k+ was to gain a 4th gen H22 Prelude which was my dream automobile at the time (NSX not counting). I later had actually a 99 Accord v6 coupe everything worked and also ran good
140k but it was my first and also hopecompletely last automatic tranny and also had heard that gen had AT problems with the v6 combo. So the are afraid of potential tranny failure - linked through my love of the TSX and absent having actually a a hand-operated acquired my in the TSX! I hope to run my TSX to 200k .. Modding it of course to save points interesting . Only negative endure I have which I hope was not the norm: I bought my Lude currently modded and driven hard by other college aged kids, came w/ CAI Header & Exhaust...and it did burn a shit ton of oil
170k. Only marketed because neither my children nor adults might fit in back seat- I think it my be a design flaw in my beloved H22 via the FMR liners.As for the ILX - if your looking to profession the TSX - obviously hitting 200k wil hurt the trade in worth yet I bet it still runs great!
:laugh: :laugh:I think I"ve already pretty much blown that. I"m thrilcaused be gaining this a lot out of the car even I wind up getting nopoint at all ago for it. As much as I"m involved, currently it"s all gravy.
This one obtain 191k2005 Acura TSX Primum Sedan - Laval / North Shore Cars For Sale - Kijiji Laval / North Shore Canada.
*04 Acura TSX PWP*- GROM iPod Integration, Injen Cold Air Intake, Fishcake Headlights (even more to come...)
I simply turned 150 for "05, just reinserted the front calipers this particular day and switch out to goodridge ss line. The brakes were sticking badly, as soon as I brake, it felt like warp rotors. After swapping the calipers, that warp feel is gone.. great as new
06 tsx with nearly 137,000 miles-original brakes. Traded my 05 Honda public ex-se for it. The public had actually many problems so once it got to the finish of the warranty time to remove it.
Missing my husband also who passed away suddenly on 8.16.12 and also my mom that lost her fight with cancer on 10.15.12. RIP John and mom
I had actually a 89 prelude go over 400000 km (240miles+) and also it was still running pretty good. I marketed it to a young buc for 1500. Lol. So through the newer technology, prolly alot even more if u perform the maintenance and don"t abuse her.
U still check out late 80"s accords and also civics when in a while here in Toronto. And we have numerous salt and also winter to resolve. I"d say 300 k isn"t out of the question.
U still view late 80"s accords and also civics when in a while here in Toronto. And we have many salt and winter to attend to. I"d say 300 k isn"t out of the question.
Will be interesting to watch. I"ll be jumping for joy if I acquire to 200K without any type of big headaches.That would certainly be approximately the end of "013.If I obtain to 250K I"ll be throwing parties.If 300 I will certainly personally provide a bottle of champagne to Honda headquarters. :laugh:
I had actually a 95 Accord for years and when I ultimately marketed it to a frifinish it was at about 270k. He"s still presently driving it and also well beyond 325k at the minute and also going solid. I think these cars have the right to go the additional mile too. Sent from my Autoguide iPhone app
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