You might think you currently understand every little thing around Joico Color Intensity, however this Fact Sheet is a great reresource for everyone that is brand-new to Joico Color Intensity or skilled.

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You don’t need to usage a developer with Joico Color Intensity, and also it need to always be applied to dry hair.

Also, you can mix shades together to produce your own distinctive color, or usage them straight out of the tube!

TIP: You don’t have to usage clear or white to brighten a shade. Instead, use one more color in that family members for brightening. For instance, I use a touch of yellow as soon as I desire to brighten teal to turquoise.

Joico Color Intensity Fact Sheet

Color Intensity’s inter-mixable formula have the right to be used directly from the tube, or mixed and also mingresulted in your hearts content for endless creative possibilities! No developer required!


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Click right here for indevelopment on converting from Pravana Vivids to Joico Color Intensity!

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