So you want to play a good old fashioned game of Sid Meier’s Civilization 5 and whether its a multiplayer or single player complement, it doesn’t issue. You will have to inevitably pick out a game pace for your play via, but which one carry out you pick?

Well luckily for you, this overview will certainly tell you all about the game speeds Civ 5 has to sell, and also why you may or might not want to choose them for your game.

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The Types of Video Game Speeds

In Civ 5, we have actually 4 different kinds of speeds:



I will go into each speed that considers both single player and also multiplayer playthroughs, and list their pros and cons.


Probably the most renowned rate supplied by players to this date. A quick game goes approximately 330 turns (exactly how many times you push the “following turn” button till you land also on a time victory or defeat).

This is a renowned alternative bereason the games in Civ 5 have actually a reputation of taking long hrs to complete a solitary game (normally needs over 5 hours of playing). So a quick play time speed will keep the duration as short as feasible.

In both single player and multi-player game settings, quick offers a good cycle with all the moment periods, reasonable innovation research study prices, and also sufficient production rate.

The Downside?

Sometimes quick mode feels as if it’s going as well quick. Depending on the size of the map you play, armed forces units end up being obsolete reasonably quickly, and also relocating armies across the continent can be a pain given that by the time you obtain them to wright here they want to be they will certainly many most likely be already outdated.


The rate the developers kept in mind for the game to be played at. A little bit bit longer than quick (500 turns), and also deserve to be incredibly intimidating to veteran players that are offered to only playing on quick mode.

Players will often uncover themselves mostly using more primitive and timeless era systems such as warriors and also catapults. Also, the map will certainly be discovered much faster since time is sluggish, and also unit movement speeds remain continuous. In a way, you’re playing quick mode other than your research study and also production speed are slowed.


For players who believed standard was also quick, and want to usage the full potential of eexceptionally era and reresource the map has to sell. At a whopping 750 turns, players take into consideration this to be the true and ideal rate to play the game at. No leaf is left unturned, enabling players to realistically achieve any type of victory they want without feeling a crunch or time restraint (this contains supremacy, social, and scientific).

It may be a tough adjustment from Standard speed, however Epic speed is mostly the one rate that many players (consisting of myself) vouch for.

One of the just cons around playing on Epic speed but is playing a multiplayer enhance via civilization who might take their transforms as well slowly (whether they be trolls or if its a lack of experience). So I personally recommfinish to play this mode with friends or players that have actually no issue via pushing “next turn”.


The behemoth of speeds. Basically twice as long as epic (1500 turns), and unfortunately, too lengthy. Marathon is found to be quite boring unless going for a supremacy victory (which speeds the game up). This is bereason social and also scientific victories are mostly achieved in contemporary or future era. So in a means, you are limiting yourself to what type of victories might be easily accessible to you unless you’re incredibly patient.

Furthermore, playing via AI deserve to be an absolute mess. Big battles and militaries are rather impressive on their own, however, the AI take ages to rebuild their army if you finish up ruining them entirely. Making the marathon game rate a finish military cakewalk if you are more technologically advanced than the AI once it pertains to warfare.

There is a positive aspect around Marathon though!

This specifically falls into the multiplayer game mode, and also additionally based upon the presumption that you are not playing with any A.I. whatsoever before. Then you might discover enjoyment in this game mode if:

You are playing through world who complete their transforms fast!You aren’t trying to complete the game in one sitting.You’re an aggressive warmongerer.You’re playing on a huge map with many kind of civilizations (players).

This is my just reference, if you still desire to attempt Marathon speed, all the power to you. Personally yet, I recommend the Epic Speed instead.

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Game Speeds Ranked (For Multiplayer)

Quick (if you want a quick game)EpicStandardMarathon

Game Speeds Ranked (For Singleplayer)

EpicFast (if you want a quick game)StandardMarathon

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