From a young age, we’re told we need to brush twice everyday and also floss when a day to safeguard our teeth from plaque. Hopecompletely, as adults, we proceed adhering to this advice, yet it’s important to recognize a little about what we’re fighting via our toothbrushes and floss. It takes only 48 short hrs for plaque to come to be tartar, which have the right to put your teeth and gums in severe jeopardy.

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Once you have actually tartar buildup, you can’t remove it without your dentist’s assist. LVI-trained Dr. John Schmid and also his team deserve to aid you reclaim and keep your dental health by removing tartar and advising you on finest practices to keep your teeth and also gums in optimal problem.

What is Dental Plaque?

Dental plaque is a sticky biofilm that develops on the teeth as an outcome of carbohydrate residue mixing with bacteria. For circumstances, once you drink a soda or eat a piece of cake, sugars and starches stick to the teeth. Naturally arising bacteria in the mouth then feed on these pwrite-ups, which creates acid.

These acids deserve to eventually erode tooth enamel. Healthy enamel is tough and also strong and also protects your teeth from cracking as soon as you chew and bite. The dentin beneath the enamel is softer than enamel and also is sensitive to temperature and also some acidic or sweet substances. Without sufficient enamel, it deserve to be painful to take a breath on a cold day, sip hot soup, or eat sweet foodstuffs.

Furthermore, when tooth enamel erodes, the integrity of your teeth is compromised. Your teeth will end up being more vulnerable to breakage and also may additionally appear discolored.

What is Tartar?

When plaque is left on the teeth, a mineralization process occurs. Tartar, or dental calculus, is essentially hardened plaque that will trap stains and bacteria and also wreak havoc on your dental health.

At its worst, tartar will accumulate alengthy the gum line, wbelow bacteria can aggravate your gums and perhaps cause gum condition. If gum condition progresses from gingivitis to periodontitis, you can build pockets in between the teeth and also gums. These pockets deserve to acquire infected, which can bring about a host of health and wellness problems.

Tartar removal is an essential part of your consistent dental cleanings. Our hygienists have distinct tools to safely and efficiently remove tartar deposits. We deserve to additionally resolve existing gum disease with deep cleanings, if vital, to obtain you earlier on track for good dental health and wellness.

Stopping Tartar Before it Starts

Consistent residence care is key given that your best line of defense versus tartar is avoidance. By frequently rerelocating plaque through brushing and flossing, you proccasion acids from eating enamel, and also you protect the teeth versus decay and infection.

Dr. Schmid advises brushing after each meal or snack, if feasible. If you can’t brush, rinsing your mouth via water will assist mitigate the amount of plaque and also bacteria that lingers until you can brush. If you are struggling to control plaque, our team might recommfinish an electrical toothbrush, water flosser, mouthwash, or other methods to much better save the bacteria at bay.

We also advise bi-yearly visits to our office for expert cleanings. Our hygienists are trained to spot and also rerelocate plaque and also tartar that you may not have the ability to reach with your normal brushing and flossing regimen. As at an early stage detection is essential to staying clear of significant dental wellness worries, Dr. Schmid will additionally perform a complete exam of your mouth and jaw at these visits.

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We are proud to serve the Austin, Lakemethod, West Lake Hills, and also bordering locations. If you think you have tartar build up, haven’t had actually a experienced cleaning in over six months, or have other dental comes to, please call us at 512-329-5967 to schedule a cleaning or a dental health consultation.