Are sculptured nails better than TIPS?

Tbelow are a couple of differnce between them to concerned a decision.

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Tips are glued on via a thin layer of glue and look less herbal and eventually break off. Sculping on the various other hand, requires applying nail form to build an extension.

Sculping looks more herbal in comparikid to pointer. Tip leaves a gab in between the fake nail and your genuine nail that water deserve to get under.This will not be an issue if you provided tough gel, yet that is the downside of acrylic nail.

Tips produce a solid extended nail for human being who have actually brief nails. If you have struggle flourishing your nail, then gaining a reminder is a good principle. Scupling on the various other hand also helps you produce strong extfinished nail.

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Sculping nail are made be perfect fit for you, thin via nice C-curved, this adds more strenght. On the other hands, acrylic nails are even more chunky.