Gamers diving right into Back 4 Blood, whether it be through digital multiplayer or the game’s solo campaign, may be curious about how long it takes to beat the campaign in addition to just how many type of missions tbelow are.

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To aid answer some of these inquiries, we’ve put together a quick guide on just how long Back 4 Blood takes to beat, and also how many kind of goals and also chapters there are in the campaign.

Back 4 Blood | How Long To Beat The Campaign?

To begin, the quick answer to the question of just how long Back 4 Blood takes to beat is almost everywhere between 4 to 8 hours, through 5-6 hrs being the average completion time we’ve encountered.

For us, it took us a tiny over 6 hours to complete the solo project, though we were trying to take our time and check out each location as a lot as feasible.We imagine had actually we not spent so much time looking approximately, we would certainly have completed the solo project in closer to 5 hours as opposed to 6.

The amount of expedition you desire to carry out trying to find weapon attachments, cards, and also so on, will certainly factor right into your completion time and we will say it is worth taking time to check out if you deserve to by opening doors through Tool Kits and whatnot.

Your completion time will certainly additionally vary depending on the obstacle level you choose and also whether you’re playing solo or with other players.

If you’re playing with other players on an easy setting choose Recruit, you may have the ability to speed through the campaign in a much faster manner, specifically as soon as playing with civilization who are familiar via locations and also objectives (like learning wbelow to location explosives on the ferry in Act 1).

Meanwhile, some newer players might need additional assist, which deserve to intend doubling ago to pick them up, waiting for them to uncover and also enter the Safe Room, and so on, all of which extends the amount of time it takes to beat the campaign.

If you’re playing on the hardest obstacle setting, there might likewise be some trial and error moments that deserve to extend the amount of time it takes to beat the campaign, pushing it closer to 7 or 8 hrs or more.

Basically, average completion times for Back 4 Blood differ from 4 to 8 hrs through 5-6 hours being the average. As for exactly how many kind of missions and chapters there are in Back 4 Blood, there are 33 full objectives in Back 4 Blood spreview out throughout 4 various acts.

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Below, we’ve provided all acts and objectives in the project for Back 4 Blood.

List of All Missions in Back 4 Blood


The Devil’s Return

ResurgenceTunnel of BloodPain TrainThe Crossing

Search & Rescue

A Clean SweepBook WormsBar Room Blitz

The Dark Before Dawn

Special DeliveryThe Diner

Blue Dog Hollow

Bad SeedsHell’s BellsAbandonedThe Sound of Thunder


The Armory

A Call to ArmsThe Handy Man

Plan B

Pipe CleanersHinterlandTrailer TrashedThe ClogThe Broken Bird

Job 10:22

Heralds of the Worm Part 1Heralds of the Worm Part 2Grave Danger


Dr. Rogers Neighborhood

Farther AfieldBlazing TrailsCabins by the LakeGarden PartyT-5


A Frifinish in NeedMaking the GradeThe Roadway to HellThe Body Dump


The Abomination

The Abomination

To recap, it’ll take you about 4 to 8 hrs to beat the project in Back 4 Blood with 5-6 hrs being the average completion time. And in complete, tbelow are 33 goals in Back 4 Blood spread out throughout 4 acts. We hope this helps!