Silent Hill is one of the most iconic franchises in video game background. We"ve ranked each enattempt, consisting of byproducts, by exactly how lengthy they take to beat.

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Silent hill 3 protagonist
Silent Hill was when the most terrifying horror franchise to grace gaming marketplaces. Its heyday has lengthy given that passed, yet the biggest entries still host up. Silent Hill 2, in particular, gets singled out as among the best games ever made, regardless of genre.

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To celebrate the series, and also perhaps mourn a little as well, the complying with list will certainly rank all the games in the series based on their size as videotaped by One thing to remember once going through this list - long length does not necessarily amount to a high quality title. A brief and sweet suffer can be delighted in dozens of times over, while a twenty-hour mediocre game is played when and also instantly forgotten.

14 Silent Hill: The Arcade (1 Hour)

Silent hill the arcade
Being an on-rails shooter, one shouldn"t mean this arcade spinoff to last much longer than most others in the genre. While the style has its area in the arcades, reviews at the moment weren"t type to it, calling it unvital and also decrying how it feels nopoint choose a traditional Silent Hill.

While not a full-size title, P.T. was an interactive demo for the eventually doomed Silent Hills from horror director Guillermo del Toro and also Hideo Kojima. The enigmatic puzzles have the right to be resolved conveniently if one knows what to carry out, but world are still uncertain exactly just how the final puzzle is resolved. Regardless of it just being a demo, the playable teaser had a huge influence on the sector, and disappointment rippled through fans when the job was cancelled.

Silent hill the play novel game boy progressed game
This Gameboy Advance title is an adaptation of the initially game"s story in visual novel create. It just came out in Japan, though fan translations exist. The only actual gameplay comes in the create of decision making, taking amethod the stress and anxiety and are afraid added to the macabre story with combat. It is the perfect means to endure the game for those also scared to play the original PS1 timeless.

Silent Hill Orphan 2
The series wasn"t only obtainable on consoles. Mobile platdevelops acquired in on the action also. Instead of being third-perkid survival horror titles, these games put players in a first-perkid perspective and employ point-and-click controls more manageable for cell phones. Oddly enough, the sequel comes in at just about fifty percent as lengthy as the initially entry.

The first entry in the mobile series came out in 2007, long prior to gaming on phones was en vogue. Given the nature of the platcreate, the titles are virtually impossible to play these days. It is odd to think around games being inavailable, yet it isn"t the just game via the same difficulty. P.T. is additionally just obtainable on the difficult drives of human being that never deleted it.

The sequel to Silent Hill 2 is often overshadowed by its predecessor, but it is excellent in its very own ideal.

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The combat makes several subtle enhancements and also the graphics were leaps and also bounds ahead of its time. The facial animations are specifically gorgeous. Its story isn"t the same personal gut-punch of the 2001 timeless, though.

The prequel to the first game came out on the PSP in 2007. Going ago to the past and also having actually a direct relation to the initially enattempt was a neat concept, however advancement troubles brought about a much less than stellar product. Sony"s initially handorganized console had countless troubles translating well-known franchises to its format, and Silent Hill: Origins was yet an additional victim of the shift.

Shattered Memories takes enough liberties via the first game"s story to feel even more prefer a reimagining than a straightforward remake. The gameplay also puts an exciting twist on the formula, dividing the action through inquiries and tests in a doctor"s office whose results impact the complying with chapter.

The one that started it all distinguimelted itself from various other survival horror games by featuring full three-dimensional graphics and also a relocating electronic camera. Doing this was an superior feat on the humble PS1.

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The game stemmed from Konami"s wish to craft a game with the potential to end up being a hit in the West. Knowing this renders it ironic to find out that the series" downward trajectory began once western developers took over the franchise.

As excellent as the debut title is, its sequel really blew the lid off the franchise. Silent Hill 2 stands side by side via Metal Gear Solid 2, Grand Theft Auto III, and Final Fantasy X as one of the greats from 2001"s legendary lineup. Not only is the gameplay a action over other survival horror titles, yet the story tackled subjects formerly unheard of in the tool prefer infidelity and childhood trauma.

This numbered entry is rather of an outlier. It doesn"t take location in the titular town and also focuses even more on combat quite than puzzle-solving. As such, it is not remembered as fondly as its older siblings, though it was better obtained than the adhering to entries in the franchise.

Silent Hill: Homecoming lugged earlier some of the puzzle-solving facets of the originals, yet it wasn"t enough to please fans. It was the initially mainline title in the series to be tackled by a western developer instead of Team Silent, that had actually previously done all the games conserve for the by-products.

Downpour is the last full-size conventional Silent Hill the people may ever watch. While not bad by any type of suggests, it certainly does not live approximately the standard collection by the earlier entries. The series has to at least be commended for always trying to remain true to its roots and not ending up being an action game choose Resident Evil did, though Resident Evil 4 and 5 are still tremendous.

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Publication of Memories takes a radical rotate through the series, abandoning the slow-paced survival horror for a dungeon crawler. While genre shifts can sometimes be positive, it didn"t work-related out for the PS Vita title. It is merely average, making players miss out on the old games rather than appreciate a new take on the franchise.

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