One of the many renowned and also critically acclaimed mirrors about, Game of Thrones earned its condition with elaborate costumes and also design, patient character breakthrough, breathtaking places, clever dialogue, and also a commitment to realistic danger that implies eexceptionally character"s life hangs in the balance at any type of given moment. In this hostile world of ice and fire, no one is safe, no matter how effective, likable, or well-linked they may be. This constant state of deadliness proceeds to prompt viewers into wondering if they would certainly fare any type of much better than their favorite characters.

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Even via all the facility tactics and also desires running rampant in the Video Game of Thrones cosmos, I still ask myself if I might execute better. If I was Ned Stark, would certainly I be smart enough to halt my inquiry right into Joffrey"s parentage and also probably dodge the executioner"s ax? If I was Jon Scurrently, could I have organized command also in a method that wouldn"t provoke my fellow brothers of the Watch to murder me? Or, if I was Littlefinger, might I have successfully pitted Arya and Sansa against each other choose I planned? These theoretical concerns keep popping up, and there"s no real answer to be had. Until currently, that is.

This quiz puts you in charge of House Pryce, a fictional lesser house with aspirations to come to be a good one. As a southern power, you"ve taken manage of Dorne after the collapse of House Martell and also have made Sunspear your base of operations. Now, through the extinctions of the Tyrells and also the Bolloads and the drops of Housage Tully and House Frey in the lands to the North, there"s a massive power vacuum that you"re established to fill. You"ve got a sizable army, yet your pressures aren"t yet solid sufficient to challenge the likes of Daenerys and Cersei. It"s time to try your hand also at the Great Video Game now. Will you be victorious, or will you be slaughtered choose the plenty of others prior to you?

Inquiry 1

What are your new residence words?

Blood and Wine Long May We Reap The Ceasemuch less Flame Star of the Sands
Now that House Pryce has actually come right into power in Dorne, you deem it proper to adjust your residence words, which were formerly mediocre and uninspiring because of your condition as a lesser residence. Ideally, you desire somepoint that's intimidating and also suggests stamina, power, and ferocity. To come up with somepoint, you and also your family gather roughly a huge, round table and also put forth suggestions. You've narrowed it down to 4 choices, but currently it drops to you to pick one.

Question 2

Whose support perform you seek out first?

Now that you've establiburned your house as a formidable southerly power, it's essential to have yourself known and allied via other effective world. You've heard stories of some of the most significant persons in Westeros ideal currently and would certainly very much choose to strategy one of them as your first considerable ally in your fight for power. However before, you might additionally initially ensure that the lesser residences in Dorne are behind you. The choice is yours.

Question 3

How perform you guide civilization to view things your way?

By instilling are afraid in them Thunstable subtle acts of manipulation By mentioning things through them openly Through the use of brute pressure
Regardmuch less of just how effective you are or will certainly come to be, convincing others of your allude of see is a vital to ability to have actually if you're going to survive in Westeros. You have to be able to protect your actions, motives, and also desires in such a method as to make yourself seem sensible. Or you can just crush naysayers via an iron fist. That tends to occupational, as well.

Question 4

What's your ultimate ambition?

To sit on the Iron Throne To end up being one of the most effective lords in the Salso Kingdoms To develop your house's dynasty in the South To be a benevolent lord to your civilization
Though power is preferred by the majority of everyone in Westeros, the amount of power one strives for varies from perboy to perboy. Some are content to merely advise the many powerful world and also act as their hands. Others are happy through controlling subtle spy networks that feed them information. But, for some, the ultimate prize will constantly be the Iron Throne. When the dust settles, what execute you truly want?

Question 5

Are you open up to marital relationship as a form of diplomacy?

We all desire to marry for love, yet if your goal in life is to become the leader of the Seven Kingdoms, you may have to marry strategically rather. Leaving yourself easily accessible for a marital relationship of state have the right to permit you to develop iron bonds through crucial allies, bring about massive gains in power and affect. That sassist, you could not have a selection in that you marry, definition you can gain stuck to somebody who resembles a troll. But hey, it's what's on the inside that counts, right?

Concern 6

What major city perform you attempt to conquer?

Now that Dorne is yours, there's no question you want to proceed widening your power. The ideal method to carry out that is to start marching northward and catching some crucial cities to include to your empire. There's many well-developed, fortified strongholds north of Dorne, so there's plenty of alternatives. However, based on the whispers of your spies, tbelow are several sites that are the majority of appealing. It's time to select one and also start planning!

Inquiry 7

You've got a considerable amount of gold. How perform you spfinish it?

Hiring mercenaries Building more ships Expanding your intelligence network-related Constructing a monument
Your latest occupation was a roaring success, and as an outcome you've all of a sudden come into a great deal of money. Your advisers have approached you through various principles about just how it would certainly be ideal spent. Your generals have actually said beefing up your forces for the following undertaking, your spymaster has prodded you for more funding, and also your seafarers have actually asked for coin to construct more ships. However, you likewise think you're pretty good, so a monument in your likeness could be in order.

Question 8

What's your a lot of admirable quality?

Though House Pryce is big and also mighty currently, it didn't begin that means, and neither did you. Regardless of being the head of your family members you've currently had to convince many others to follow you and share your vision for the people. Of course a shrewd mind and also a sizable army are essential factors, yet the power of likcapability shouldn't be underapproximated, either. Nobody would certainly follow you if they didn't take a shine to you, so you must have some redeeming attributes in there somewbelow.

Inquiry 9

Who execute you approach to train your infantry?

Foot soldiers are the sizable backbone of any army worth its salt, so it's vital they're trained well. Your infantry has been trained well sufficient to dominate Dorne, however it's most likely the rest of Westeros will certainly be a lot even more challenging. In light of that, you decide to reach out to a skilled fighter, having heard tales of their exploits from your spies, in the hope that they'll be willing to imcomponent their knowledge.

Inquiry 10

The Water Gardens are coming to be a financial burden. What carry out you do?

Located just external Sunspear, the famed Water Gardens are one of Dorne's a lot of beautiful and lavish locations and served as the residence of Housage Martell. Though you've been living tbelow given that taking Sunspear, the Gardens reexisting a far-reaching expenditure that might be much better put to use for various other points, so you're reasoning about relocating. However, the Gardens are dear to the Dornish human being, yourself consisted of.

Inquiry 11

The dead thrconsumed Westeros! What perform you do?

Ignore it and also continue your southerly conquests Arrange for shipments of dragonglass from Dragonstone March your entire army North Send a detachment of troops to aid the cause
Though you weren't current at the meeting in between Cersei Lannister, Euron Greyjoy, Daenerys Targaryen, and Jon Scurrently, word has actually spread quickly about the Night King and also his army of numerous undead. You, like the various other Westerosi lords, are being pressured from all sides to take decisive action. How execute you react to this terrifying hazard in the North?

Question 12

What strongorganize do you use as your northern base of operations?

You're heading North via your troops, and you're going to require a location to gather and also strategize prior to the coming battles. Since the threat of the dead looms great, multitudes of dwellings are banding together. Jon Scurrently has available the option of stationing your forces in Winterdropped, Lady Mormont has actually offered you permission to use Bear Island also, and Lord Glover has made Deeptimber Motte free to anyone that would fight versus the dead. More, the Dreadfort stands vacant after the fall of the Bollots.

Inquiry 13

A group of rebels threa10s to take over Pentos. What execute you do?

Send a force to quash the rebellion immediately Discreetly offer them assistance, gave they agree to help you later Send among your few spies to observe the dispute firsthand Ignore the dispute entirely, as Essos doesn't problem you
Word has actually reached your ears of a problem going on in Pentos, across the Narrowhead Sea. A massive rebel team has actually developed and is attempting to overthrow the establimelted oligarchy, which is dominated by vastly affluent vendors. You're well ameans from Pentos, so a change in leadership shouldn't impact you much as lengthy as you deserve to preserve profession routes.

Inquiry 14

Who do you most admire?

With so many legendary civilization leading the means in Westeros, it's inescapable that one of them has become your function design. With their great deeds and also decisive perspective, you attempt your best to emulate the same form of actions, hoping that some of their greatness will rub off on you. You're not certain it's functioning, however having world to look up to is crucial anyway.

Question 15

What's your greatest fault?

You may be a big-shot lord currently, interpretation that many people have to give you respect. However before, you're well mindful that you have actually shortcomings, and also plenty of them, points that plenty of your friends and household remembers reminded you of prior to your increase to power and also only those closest to you point out currently. Still, it's necessary to remember the chinks in your armor. How you occupational around those chinks is as much as you.

Concern 16

One of your closest confidants has betrayed you! What carry out you do?

Throw them in the dungeon to rot Interrogate them about their motives and also intentions Execute them by your very own hand Subject them to ceaseless torture in the public square
Things might be going well for you as you play the Great Game, but at some allude you're bound to get a knife in the ago. Sure enough, someday you realize that one your major advisers has actually been plotting against you for months. You're heartbroken, but you know you have to punish them for their crimes. What action execute you take versus them?

Inquiry 17

How execute you prepare your troops for the journey North?

Have maesters teach them about the north climate Equip them via fur-lined clothing Arvariety for extra supply lines Give them extra flasks of wine
With your aspirations of conquest and the risk of the Night King's army both swirling around in your head, it's unpreventable that at some allude you'll have to march your armies northward. Up to now you've just been active in Dorne and its prompt vicinity, so it's imperative you take steps to prepare your militaries for the new climate they'll be encountering.

Question 18

You're in desperate need of gold. How execute you gain it?

Approach the Iron Bank for a loan Demand also tribute from the lesser Dornish homes Set out to sack Oldtvery own Sell off your stores of Dornish wine
The Great Game has its ups and also downs, and best now you've been dealt a severe blow. A recent military disaster has ruined a big chunk of your pressures and replenishing them has actually left you on the verge on bankruptcy. You need more gold, and you need it appropriate now. You're despeprice, so all sorts of choices, some of which border on insanity, fill your mind.

Question 19

You've just recorded a city! How many guys carry out you leave behind?

While forging forward on your course of conquest, you take yet an additional city under your manage. Due to your pressures having been in numerous major battles, your numbers have dropped from 10,000 down to 7000 males. However before, you realize that your numbers will certainly decrease even further, as you must leave some men behind to guard your new region. How many type of do you component with?

Question 20

What subject are you most knowledgeable in?

Having a head filled through combat methods and military methods is all well and also good and also will aid you a lot on the battlefield, however it's also necessary to have various other interests to diversify your understanding. Not just will certainly you have some go-to high-profile conversation topics, however your cultured wisdom will likewise provide you additional knowledge of people around the people, which consequently can further strengthen your social and military techniques.

Question 21

One of your opponents is thriving as well powerful. How do you kill them?

With poison slipped right into their favorite drink With a blade you thrust into their heart By ruining them in the tides of war By manipulating their friends against them
Murder isn't an ideal solution to every one of life's troubles, yet sometimes it's just what you gotta execute. One of your nemeses, a lord from your homeland also, has actually gained the favor of multiple lesser houses and is currently threatening to obstacle your authority in Dorne. Assuring his downloss is a requirement. The just question is, how carry out you go around achieving it?

Inquiry 22

What's your weapon of choice?

Even the best lords need to be trained for combat, and also you're no exemption, especially given the fact that you've currently conquered a lot of of Dorne. However, what weapon you use can impact your performance in fight. A heavy weapon is deadly, but moves progressively. A ranged weapon allows you to assault from a distance, however have the right to leave you fragile in close quarters. Eexceptionally weapon has its downsides, and also they deserve to cost you your life if you're not careful.

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Inquiry 23

You've got a new spy. Wright here execute you station them?

An intelligence network-related is vital to the success of any type of player in the Great Video Game. Having realized this, you've offered your spygrasp the added funding he asked for and also have actually been rewarded with a new operative for you to place as you please. They're initially from Myr, however you have numerous vital Westeros locations in mind. After some consideration, you pick the one you think would certainly be most advantageous.

Question 24

You're laying an ambush. Where do you place your forces?

Archers in the trees, mounties on the bluff Cavalry in the trees, archers on the bluff Infanattempt in the trees, archers on the bluff Cavalry in the trees, infanattempt on the bluff
At lengthy last, you've found the perfect place to damage an opponent force when and also for all: a large valley through a steep bluff on its North side and a little woodland to the Southwest. You arrangement to place 2 components of your troops, one in each of these locations, to assault the foe from two sides. However, you have actually 3 sets of troops: infanattempt, cavalry, and also archers. Which pressures carry out you usage, and wright here do you position them?

Concern 25

What do you value most?

No issue how mighty the individual, everyone prioritizes different things in their stays. Some value family members loyalty, falling earlier on blood bonds that continue to be strong. Some value product products, such as fine wine and also luxurious furnishings. Others are obsessed via power and also the enticing amount of control it affords. And still others are true romantics, valuing love over all else in the human being. Wbelow perform you stand, Lord Pryce, leader of Dorne?