These grilled green onions are so quick and also straightforward to make – and are surprisingly tasty! Low carb and also keto-friendly recipe.

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Thanks to my mommy for saying this recipe! Of all the ingredients I"ve tried grilling – green onions (or scallions / spring onions, if you prefer) aren"t among them! I finally gained round to trying them – and I absolutely loved them!

What"s in this Article?

Carbohydrates in Environment-friendly Onions

One tool green onion (about 15g) contains a total of 1.1g net carbs, and also 0.4g fiber, which renders it 0.7g net carbs. So absolutely keto friendly and low carb – and also they"re an excellent source of vitamin A. I"ve offered green onions many kind of times as garnish, however this is the first time that they are the star of the show!

Oh – and also if you can gain organize of Mexihave the right to Spring Onions (Cebollas Cambray or Chambray onions), you can usage this recipe to make Cebollitas Cambray Asadas! These onions are bigger in size than the consistent green onions and the bulb is bigger in propercent to the stem. Cebollitas are a popular topping and condiment in Mexihave the right to cuisine for dishes such as tacos, carna asada, and pollo asacarry out.

How to Make Grilled Eco-friendly Onions

Prepare the green onions by trimming a few inches off the green components (conserve them in a ziplock bag in the fridge for garnishing one more recipe!), and also trim a little off each root.


Place them in a shpermit bowl or dish, and also drizzle some olive oil over them. Seachild generously through salt and black pepper.

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Transfer the onions to a warm grill. Turn them frequently, till noted on all sides – it takes much less than 5 minutes! Alternatively, cook them inside on a grill pan.


And that"s it! The onions are juicy and also salty – via caramelized sweet components and also crispy parts – they"re surprisingly moreish!


This is SUCH a quick and also easy recipe – if you take place to have actually some green onions in the fridge you could decide to add them at the last minute if you were currently grilling!