There’s no denying that Blac Chyna is one of the many renowned socialites. The ex-stripper turned entrepreneur has actually made plenty of waves in the market. From making appearances in some of the many iconic music videos to famously owning her own beauty businesses, Blac Chyna proceeds to make a name for herself.

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And while Blac Chyna has come to be an achieved businesswoman, she is very passionate around her household. She introduced us to her parental fees — Sharlana Hunter aka Tokyo Toni and Eric Holland —on her show Rob & Chyna on E!, and pointed out that her mother has actually a propensity to be violent. With that in mind, the human being has actually been prepared to learn more about Blac Chyna's paleas. 

These days, couples break up for many kind of factors. And while Sharlana and also Holland also were not together for lengthy, their connection was filled through endmuch less ups and also downs. 


Blac Chyna frequently talked about how she didn't have actually a standard upbringing, and it has actually a lot to execute via the relationship of her parental fees. While Blac Chyna's parents were as soon as smitten with one one more, points conveniently changed. Tokyo discovered out around Holland also cheating and their relationship quickly ended. 

According to DailyMail, "Holland has actually a string of kids through a selection of various other woguys and Chyna is believed to have 2 half brothers and also nine fifty percent sisters, who are mainly based in the Maryland and Virginia locations." 

So, it's not surprising that Sharlana and Holland's relationship didn't last. 

Rob Kardashian goes to dinner via Blac Chyna's parents on #RobAndChyna, and it's SO uncomfortable:

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The finest method to define Blac Chyna's mom is blunt, opinionated, and also seriously hilarious. Many type of viewers got acquainted through Sharlana via the present, and she has actually offered viewers loads of laughs while showing off her distinctive nurturing side. 

And while you have the right to constantly count on Sharlana to share witty jokes, she is also very serious around business. A quick scroll via her Instagram web page will certainly display you that she is the CEO of On my Grind Entertainment and Proactivities, LLC. 


The company's mission is to "work difficult, entertain our friends, and simply ordinary have fun," according to the company website page. With the plan of bringing together singers and rappers, she's produced a space wright here aspiring entertainers will certainly have the ability to showsituation their talent. 

Aside from her entertainment organization, she's also a successful video blogger. Day after day, she posts a series of videos on her social media channels talking about every little thing from Chyna's success and also politics to aiding the homeless. 

While she does have a reputation of being a hot head, she's presented time and time aget just exactly how giving she is and also her passion for helping others. And we can definitely view wbelow Chyna gets her offering spirit from.

While Tokyo's life is pretty a lot an open book for fans, the exact same can't be shelp for her father, Holland also. In fact, Holland also has actually shelp that he pdescribes remain out of the limelight bereason he doesn't choose "all the attention," per ET.  And because he has remained in and out of jail for the majority of of his life, it provides perfect feeling why he prefers to live a quiet life.


It's been reported that "Holland, 49, has been busted for assault, battery, theft and break-ins, among various other crimes," Daily Mail shares. "Other charges versus him include breaking in via intent to commit a felony, unlawful use of a livestock motor car and also being a fugitive from justice." He has likewise been in and also out of court because of child assistance issues. 

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Despite Holland's past, he does seem to be making a better initiative to be in Blac Chyna's life. He has actually been supportive of every one of her endeavors and has continued to develop on his relationship via her youngsters. 

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