Back in the days prior to the CD, the only means to skip a song on an album wregarding gain up, walk throughout the room and also move the needle to the next track on the document. If you were listening to a cassette or 8-tracks, you had to fast-forward till you uncovered the song you wanted.

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But as soon as CD players appeared, they came with a switch that instantly skipped to the following track. No more fast-forwarding, no more enin the time of a song you didn’t desire to hear. And therefore shrunk our attention spans and also our tolerance for things we didn’t choose immediately.

So how long will certainly we let a song go prior to we offer it a thumbs down? Writing in Music 3.0, Bobby Owsinski tells us:

24.14% skip within the first 5 seconds28.97% skip within the initially 10 seconds35.05% skip within the first 30 seconds48.6% skip prior to the song finishes!

And there’s even more. Continue reading.

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