Bomber jackets are a functional and also stylish means to keep warm in the time of loss and winter months. They can be uncovered in a range of formats and products to complement any outfit. Light bomber jackets deserve to be layered via other clothing for additional warmth, while thicker jackets can save you warm all on their own. When deciding on your following bomber jacket purchase, you probably don’t desire a thick jacket weighing you dvery own. We’ve researched bomber jacket weights to provide you an idea of what to intend for wearable heaviness and also warmth.

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Bomber jackets can primarily weigh between one and also four pounds, depending on exterior products and inner linings. Light, breathable bomber jackets designed for cool temperatures will be closer to one pound. Heavier bomber jackets intfinished for frigid temperatures, made from products favor leather with sherpa linings, deserve to weigh up to about four pounds. 

We’ve looked all over to learn what we could around bomber jacket style, materials, and also weight. Read on to find out more and be much better informed as soon as shopping for bomber jackets digital.


Wide Variety of Bomber Jacket Materials

Unprefer some write-ups of apparel, prefer t-shirts or jeans, bomber jackets deserve to come in a range of weights. This mostly comes down to the fact that they have actually remained in use for so lengthy and are accessible in many type of various formats. The original bomber jacket style has actually its origin as army clothing. The army bomber jacket was made to be extremely functional and also practical as it was initially a lightweight jacket that kept aircrew members warmth.

Because then, it has end up being a fashion staple, and throughout the years, taken on various layouts and also product changes. Though many regularly, bomber jackets still have the very same look as the original. They have a cinched waistband also and armhole openings, a roomy fit in the torso, and also either nylon or fur collars.

Material and also Fit

The most essential variable to bomber jacket weight is the external material. Bomber jackets are usually made of polyester, nylon, cotton, or leather. Leather is the heaviest of the bomber jacket ranges yet additionally generally the warmest. Oftentimes leather bomber jackets also have some kind of fluffy sherpa style lining and also collar – this also adds to weight.

The lighter ranges of bomber jackets have thin nylon or polyester exterior and also may be lined with dvery own or pincluding for warmth. There are outliers favor cotton bomber jackets that administer the leastern weather and also temperature protection, and also these primarily weigh the least at roughly one pound.

Fit, dimension, and also style also assist decide the final jacket weight. Obviously, bigger sizes and also styles cut for a wider shoulder will certainly weigh even more. Bomber jackets designed for males may use more towel and therefore use more material being heavier. Bomber jackets are usually waist size, but tbelow are lengthy versions that would additionally weigh more.

Bomber Jacket Examples

Levi is a timeless Amerideserve to fashion brand, and also they have their own version of the leather bomber. The jacket is made from faux leather and is lined for warmth. The materials and design lfinish to a heavier bomber jacket. The product weight is roughly 3 pounds, on the heavier finish. Levi offers faux leather, and the lining is not a thicker sherpa, maintaining the jacket warm yet lightweight.

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Light bomber jackets are excellent for spring and early loss. They use thinner materials and also have the right to be quickly layered. Due to the means they’re constructed for layering and simpler activity, they weigh a lot much less. A classically styled polyester bomber jacket deserve to weigh around one to one-and-one-fifty percent pounds.

GoodThreads, from Amazon, sells a bomber jacket in this style that weighs one-and-one-fifty percent pounds and also is excellent for layering throughout chilly weather. For some concepts and incentive on just how to ideal wear your bomber jacket, inspect out “How to Wear a Bomber Jacket.”

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Is A Bomber Jacket Warm?

Bomber jackets have the right to be as heat as you like. Cotton and also polyester jackets provide the leastern warmth, while leather and wool administer more. They can additionally have a thicker lining for additional warmth. Bomber jackets were originally designed to provide warmth and versatility for pilots. Tright here is periodically a wide chest cavity to store warmth air inside approximately the torso. Being designed for warm retention, bomber jackets have the right to be a great choice for cold weather.

Is A Bomber Jacket Good For Winter?

Winter can be a hold to some extremely cold temperatures. A bomber jacket is typically not your initially option once picking an outfit in truly cold or frosty weather. While they may come in warmer ranges, a bomber jacket is always usually waist length. This currently puts it below much longer jackets and coats that deserve to market complete body weather security. For even more on bomber jacket lengths, you can read “How Long Should a Bomber Jacket Be.”

Bomber style jackets are much better suited for autumn and light winter wear. They have the right to be layered easily and also are a really stylish waist-length jacket choice. The warmest bomber jacket will still not be as good in the winter as a heavy dvery own or woolen peacoat. To gain the a lot of warmth from your bomber jacket, you have the right to wear a sweater underneath it, a scarf to much better protect your neck, and gloves to save your hands warm.

What Is The Difference Between A Bomber Jacket And A Varsity Jacket?

Timeless bomber jackets share an extremely comparable silhouette to varsity jackets. They are both a mostly lighter jacket with ribbed openings and also are waist length. Many kind of details from both varsity and bomber jackets are the same. There are some details about varsity jackets that make a clear difference. Eventually a varsity jacket is choose a dedicated bomber jacket.

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Varsity jackets are designed to reexisting a team or school. They have actually sleeves that are generally of a different shade than the primary body. Stripes are a preleading varsity jacket attribute, frequently on the ribbed parts of the jacket, such as the collars, cuffs, and sleeves. The closures on varsity jackets are normally snap buttons instead of zippers discovered on the majority of bomber jackets. The colors and stripes on the varsity jackets commonly coordinate to reexisting the college or sports team that they promote.

Weighing Your Options

Throughout its history, the bomber jacket has suited many type of various functions. It retained pilots heat and then, over time, made its method into street fashion for all to reap. These jackets come in various styles, materials, and also weights. Finding a jacket with an excellent weight deserve to aid you layer better, remain comfortable in the at an early stage fall, or save warmth in cooler temps. Weight is an often overlooked element of the clothing we buy, but it can make a big difference!