How much of a fangirl are you? Fangirlism is a disease of the mind, the identical of a psychological disorder that is embraced everywhere. As it should be, its impressive.

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How a lot of a fangirl are you? Are you the average fan, or somepoint a lot, a lot more? Please leave what you are a fangirl of in the comments section if you would certainly like!

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What is your age? Under 18 Years Old 18 to 24 Years Old 25 to 30 Years Old 31 to 40 Years Old 41 to 50 Years Old 51 to 60 Years Old Over 60 Years OldWhat is your gender? Male FemaleOn average, how often carry out you dream around whatever it is you"re obsessed with? Every single night... Assistance me... ;-; About as soon as a week or so? Eextremely few months. I don"t really keep track of my dreams. Never before OtherHow regularly do eincredibly day words and also objects remind you of your object of fangirlism? ... I see my present in everything, so a lot so that I sorta hallucinate. I swear that the car turned right into the batmobile for a 2nd... Even standard words favor, "Moose, Doctor, Scar" remind me of my object of obsession. I"m able to pick up on recommendations in shows and also books pretty easily... I don"t really pick up on recommendations that frequently, unmuch less they"re blatant. Never before. OtherWould you ever obtain a tatas well or transform your body in somemethod (hair cuts included) to express your fangirling or look prefer your favorite characters? Hell yes! I"d even rip open up my own head to acquire harry potter"s scar! I would obtain an anti-posession tatas well in the specific same place as Sam and also Dean! Hairreduced, piercings, clothes... EVERYTHING. Maybe a haircut or a tatalso. No, I don"t treatment around them THAT a lot. I like myself exactly how I am. Hell no. OtherWhen you so much as glance at the personalities in your object of obsession, what is your reaction? My knees go shaky, I have actually an urge to hug them, scream and bury my face in my pillow, my heart leaps via butterflies and also if they smile or their eyes twinkle it renders me happy. Down there. I feel choose squeeing pretty damn loudly. You feel a nice feeling of satisfactivity, but its not really an urge to scream or an overwhelming happiness. "Meh, I understand you from that show I"m watching". I couldn"t care much less. Other.If you knew/know that you have the right to never fulfill your obsession in actual life, just how would certainly you feel? I would certainly enter a spiral of depression and also have actually a actual existensial crisis for numerous months/years/decades/lifetimes. Pretty sad. I wouldn"t mind. I"ve met my object of obsession, and I felt depressed after I left them. I"ve met my object of obsession. It was a cool experience. Other.If you met your fangirl obsession in genuine life, just how would certainly you react? I would certainly make an initiative to scream louder then any kind of various other fangirl that taken place to be tbelow, talk to them like mad, demand also their autographs and also possibly follow them house. And then watch them from their windows. I"d gain their autographs, squee a bunch. Probably just gain their autographs. It"d be a cool suffer, I guess. I wouldn"t treatment. Other.Do you go out of your method to watch eextremely episode or read eexceptionally book in the series? Yes NoDo you go out of your way to watch eincredibly single thing that the actors or authors or civilization that you are obsesessed with have been in including interviews/other media/talk shows/songs, etc? Yes NoDo you attract fanart and also read/create fanfiction? Hell yes! All the moment. Both. I read a hell of a lot of fanfiction. I draw a hell of the majority of fanart. I"m not really into that- possibly sometimes. I don"t. Ever.How perform you describe your favorite personalities or people? MY BABIES Some random name I consisted of myself. Like, snoogles! :D I contact them by their names. Sweetehs! Future-boyfriend/girfriend/husband/wife OtherHow many fandoms are you a part of? Only one. Two to six. Salso to ten. Eleven to fifteen. None. Fifteen+If offered the chance, would you kidnap any type of actor or perchild you were fangirling over, drug them/hypnotize them right into loving you, tie them up and also store them forever for whatever weird crap you wanted? What are you talking about? Of course! I have at leastern 3 celebrity crushes tied up in my basement ideal currently. I pressure them to act out brand-new episodes of medical professional that and also sherlock for me. Yes. c: No, what the f---? ... Maybe?If you execute watch various other TV shows/review various other books/ look at other media just bereason it has actually your favorite actors in it, do you go out of your means to try to make facility head-canons and also theories explaining just how they can maybe attach approximately your favorite TV show, book, etc? I.e, linking Gilmore Girls, house of wax and Friday the 13th to Superherbal. ... Huh? Sorry, there was simply this brand-new concept I was functioning on... I have actually a couple of theories, sure. I don"t have actually any type of. I do not watch media via the people from my favorite point in them. Other.Do you go out of your method to take on the mannerisms and also quote your favorite characters? Yes! I volunteer as tribute! ... And eat pie! ... And scream allon-sy at the top of my lungs! .... And attempt and also put on my favorite character"s voice! Yeah, I carry out that.... Sometimes. No.Do you refuse to watch/review anything however things that have the civilization from your fangirl object in them, the point you"re obsessed through, etc bereason you"re afrassist it will certainly taint your fangirlness? Yes. No.Do you refuse to sing/listen to anypoint that cannot be attached in some way, canon or headcanon to your object of obsession? Yes. No.How a lot money execute you blow on pointless fangirl crap? (posters, DVDs also though you"ve checked out the episodes virtual, activity numbers, shirts, cups, etc) $10+ $20+ $50+ $100+ $1000+ $100000+How many conventions have you been to? None. I haven"t had actually an opportunity. I really, really desire to though! I would DIE to go to a con with my favorite people, and cosplay, and also buy stuff! None, I don"t desire to go. I acquire the reference I"m making here though. None, I have actually no interemainder in conventions. One or 2. Three or 4. Over five. Have you ever larped, cosplayed, or gone as a character from the object of your obsession for halloween? Or are you planning to? Yes No, I"m planning to though. No, I"m not planning to anytime soon.Have you ever larped, cosplayed, or gone as a character from the object of your obsession for halloween? Or are you planning to? Yes No, I"m planning to though. No, I"m not planning to anytime quickly.When you think about the object of your obsession dying or fading away or anypoint prefer that, just how do you feel? Dead inside. Like literally, I nearly break right into tears. Saddish. But hey, every little thing comes and also goes. My point is already over anyway, and it disturbs the crap out of me. My thing is already over anyway. I don"t really treatment...Do you slip references to your thing right into everyday life speech, occupational, etc? Yep. No.

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Do you obtain defensive once human being hate on/slam your object of obsession? HELL yes. Sometimes. No.One last question now. It pisses me off that Supernatural fangirls do not acquire their very own names. I suppose, physician that fans obtain the name, "whovians" and sherlock fans acquire the name "sherlockians". What are supernatural fans then? Supernaturalians? We don"t gain one. My spell checker does not also recognise it as a word. So, my question is this. Does this piss you off as well? Lol wut Yeah! No...