Font color is a unique attribute of the android phone that regularly have the right to not be conveniently customized. Several of the customized operating systems of smartphone carriers offer you this unique advantage. The option of color you usage on your phone really highlights your personality and might be a beacon light of your option for others to recognize.

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When you opt for transforming font color, you have to desire to express your own sweet preference through the phone you usage. It will certainly definitely be well expressed via that. Now, if you desire to know How to Change Font Color in Android, I will try to show it with this short article.

Ways to Change Font Color in Android:

Changing font shade in many cases has to be done instraight. Generally, tright here is not much array of colors easily accessible as you have while typing something.

It can be done by making use of 2 sepaprice means. We will try to learn both. The first is with the built-in device, which is done from the settings of your mobile. The second is with the aid of a unique application or launcher. I will certainly discuss these in information listed below.


1. Using the Setups Built-In :

Typically, not all Android phones have actually this unique benefit. However, the massive companies sell this facility on their smartphones. Samsung, HTC, and LG give this possibility that customers have the right to gain via built-in settings.

However, the means to accessibility this choice can be different for various phone sets. You need to go to the ‘Settings’ alternative on your phone. You will see the ‘Display’ section tbelow. This alternative lets you know about your present font. Information on font dimension, font household, and also every little thing else deserve to be found right here.

Samsung has this advantage in almost every one of its Android phone models. Additionally, Samsung has already set up various fonts, ready to be readjusted by selecting any unit as per the user’s choice. To change the font shade, you need to follow this sequence :

Option 1 : Settings > Display > Font size and style. Or, Option 2 : Setups > Wallfiles & Themes > ThemesOr, Option 3 : Accessibility > Visibility Enhancements > High contrast fontsOr, Option 4 : Android gadget > Display > Styles & Wallfiles, make a Choice > Save if prompted.




Following any kind of of these options over, it is possible to readjust the font, the font color of your text message, and also readjust the font of different apps and browsers – yet every one of them shall be a little restrictive when you think about the array of option.

2. Using Apps or Android Launcher:

If you can’t readjust the font from your system settings, different application developers have actually arranged various apps or launchers for you. Using these, you have the right to change the totality interface device of your phone. Therefore the font color gets changed as well. It looks even more beautiful and signature as soon as you have a distinct interchallenge, doesn’t it? They are extensively provided for changing home displays and also miscellaneous wallfiles. It is incredibly simple to readjust the font family and font color likewise.

Tbelow are many kind of launchers obtainable in various application stores to improve the user interconfront or UI, some of which are phelp, but many of them are free. These will also considerably customize your app’s logo, which works a lot like Font Awesome. I will comment on a couple of such apps.


I. GO Launcher:

The phone’s UI deserve to be easily customized via this launcher. Changing the font or transforming the shade is among them. Here, necessary alters have to be made in the appearance of the settings.




II. Smart Launcher 5:

It is additionally exceptionally famous for customizing the UI of the phone. It is much more exciting to change the font. Go to Global Appearance to choose the font, readjust its color and also change the size-form color of the font.





III. Color Launcher:

For those that are exceptionally aware about color, a great partnership deserve to be developed with this application. It is really like the majority of remarkable surprises for them. It is a type of color layout launcher.



Dark Theme and also Color Changing:

In addition to the above 2 methods, it is possible to adjust the font color in an additional way. In this way, we have to relocate our mobile from a white theme to a dark design template. In this case, the shade of the font is commonly converted to white. Follow the actions :-

Devices Setting > Accessibility > Color inversion > Use color inversion.


NOTE: I have actually discussed many kind of settings above. However before, these settings may not be compatible via your mobile settings. So please understand also how options work-related and recognize your specific setting accordingly.



Considering the assorted instructions over, it is natural to have actually a question that involves mind that, in truth, the font shade can not be changed individually in Android? The answer is “No, in many cases, it is not possible.” But using the over rules and also different themes, it is possible to change it at least a tiny little.


Last Remarks:

There is no need for a separate launcher on the phones via integrated font and font shade changer settings. However before, a lot of mobiles execute not have such a setup. However, you can use different launchers for extra customization of the phone’s UI. This type of third-party application makes our handful of phones more attrenergetic graphics. These apps aid us adjust the color of the font and also the font size, household and also icons, and also the symbol bar. We have the right to use these to expush our hobbies, likes, and dislikes.




1.How deserve to I readjust my mobile font style?

A:  – Android device > Display > Styles & Wallfiles, make a Choice > Save if prompted.

Or, – Settings > Wallrecords & Themes > Themes.

2.How do I install custom fonts on Android?

A: You have to install the .ttf file of your font on your phone.

3.How execute I see all fonts on my Android?

A: Go to The “Appearance” food selection and tap font.

4.Is font changer app or Launcher app are free?

A: Yes. Most of them are complimentary yet additionally have actually their passist experienced version.

5.Is there a built-in shade readjust on all Android phones?

A: Yes, currently all brand-new Samsung, HTC, LG brands are permitting this facility.

6.Can I install a new font?

A: Of course and for this, you have to install the .ttf file of fonts.

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7.Can I install a new font and have the right to change its shade without rooting my Phone?

A: Yes, you can install and also deserve to change color.