Or execute you rerelocate your rollers and also finger-style? With the exception of a pair of times last year to check out what my hair does, I have not been combing my rollersets out. I was assuming this is prevalent until an acquaintance mentioned that her stylist constantly combs out her rollerset once her hair has actually dried (I know, stylists probably constantly execute anyway) and she can"t imagine not combing it out. How about you? Do you comb or finger-style after rerelocating your rollers? How does your approach advantage your hair and also hairstyle?

I finger comb my rollerset. I hate when my hairstylist comb out my curls. My hair looks fuller and my curls are more controllable when I finger comb them.

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I finger comb b/c i am just trying to comb my hair once its wet. That method I prevent many breakage and also so far finger combing has actually been functioning excellent curls last much longer too



I rollerset mine simply to dry it too! I"ve been making use of my fingers though to style it, whether it"s for a bun or making use of caruso rollers. How is combing it out functioning for you, Nappy-hijabi? Have you tried not combing it? BTW, your hair is flourishing extremely easily and looks so pretty!
Sylver2, I entirely forgained tright here could be various other options after rollerestablishing, thanks for sharing yours! Now wrapping is somepoint I haven"t tried yet. It"s a technique I"m going to need to study and exercise one of these days till I get it best. I would want the most basic and also safest wrapping technique feasible.
I rollercollection mine simply to dry it too! I"ve been using my fingers though to style it, whether it"s for a bun or utilizing caruso rollers. How is combing it out working for you, Nappy-hijabi? Have you tried not combing it? BTW, your hair is prospering exceptionally conveniently and also looks so pretty!
Isis...truss me i cant perform without not combing it out!....its jus there..lol..it is exceptionally hard,to get it in a bun i need to brrush it, my hair is stl very short! and also thanx..did u check out the april pic?i gat the rollercollection pics there
After my rollerset, my stylist wraps my hair. I do not choose many curls and it"s still nice and complete when I comb my wrap out.
I finger comb. this allows the curls to last longer and also hides my brand-new growth when I have alot. I commonly wear it curly for 2 days and also then some kind of upexecute and wash aobtain. I am trying not to usage any kind of direct heat.
edited to add: you deserve to check out a pic of my rollerset in my avatar. Just took out the rollers and finger combed.
Comb my hair? Ah naw. That is asking for breakage. I just finger comb mine out. I just usage a comb as soon as it"s time to detangle and smooth out my ends for setting.
I comb mine out but as soon as i"m around 7 weeks post relaxer i put in a bun via the curls at the top pinned up and also a bang provides a great style.

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Normally I comb it out to wrap my hair. But as part of my brand-new regimales I"m going to not comb it out and wear my curls in an upperform. I"m doing this to reduced down on manipulation and to force myself to not wear my hair down as much as feasible.