There are a large variety of animals in Far Cry 4, from Oriental Rhinos and Mugger Crocodiles to Bengal Tigers and also Brvery own Bears. Some quietly go around their organization, galloping via forests and snacking on grass, while others attempt to rip Ajay Ghale’s confront off. Tbelow are no penalties for killing these critters, specifically once it pertains to crafting. In fact, Ubisoft based a large chunk of the game’s crafting mechanism on animal hides, and urges you to slaughter specific creatures to enhance Ajay’s tools.

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While the game especially lists all of the “ingredients” vital for crafting a bigger wallet, syringe kit and also ammo bag, it helps to have actually a quick reresource so you don’t have to constantly flip with inventory displays. With that in mind, this Far Cry 4 crafting overview lists every little thing you need to carry even more money, tools and also ammo. In addition, we list the different plans vital for producing syringes to rise Ajay’s abilities, imbuing him via super speed on land also and also in the water. Just be certain to inject one syringe at a time and wait till the results wear off prior to utilizing one more one. In enhancement, upgrade whenever feasible. You"ll go from 30 seconds of power to 170 seconds!

Weapon Holster: You recognize what’s better than one weapon? Four weapons! We choose array.

BaseNopoint requiredCarry one weapon
13 Tibetan Wolf SkinsCarry 1 sidearm and 1 weapon
23 Malayan Tapir skins1 sidearm and 2 weapons
33 Honey Badger skins1 sidearm and 3 weapons

Wallet: The more cash you have on hand, the much easier it is to buy brand-new weapons, maps and also armor.

BaseNopoint requiredCarry 250,000
12 Bharal skinsCarry 500,000
23 Assam Macaque skinsCarry 1000000
34 Eastern Rhino skinsCarry 2,000,000
4Mad Devil"s skin (this is a rare hunt)Carry 5,000,000

Loot Bag: Having to constantly offer stuff to a Sherpa to make room is such a pain. Stuff Ajay’s pockets!

BaseNothing requiredCarry 30 items
12 Sambar skinsCarry 60 items
23 Pig skins90 items
34 Demon Fish skins120 items
4Ghost Bear"s skin (another rare hunt)Carry 150 items

Syringe Kit: Stumble upon a tiger and you’ll wish you had even more wellness.

BaseNopoint requiredCarry 3 syringes of each type
12 Wild Boar skinsCarry 4 syringes of each type
23 Tibetan Wolf skinsCarry 5 syringes of each type
34 Malayan Tapir skinsCarry 6 syringes of each type
4Sky Tiger"s skin (a rare hunt)Carry 8 syringes of each type

Bait Bag: With this, Ajay deserve to bring also more pieces of smelly, bloody pet flesh! Joy!

BaseNopoint requiredCarry 2 pieces of bait
12 Dhole skinsCarry 3 pieces of bait
23 Yak skinsCarry 4 pieces of bait
35 Bear skinsCarry 5 pieces of bait
4Gulo"s skin (a rare hunt)Carry 6 pieces of bait

Ammo Bag: It takes a whole lot of bullets to kill a rhino. Bring as a lot ammo as feasible.

BaseNothing requiredSmall amount of ammunition for all weapons
12 Wild Boar skinsMedium amount of ammunition for all weapons
23 Bharal skinsLarge amount of ammunition for all weapons
34 Clouded Leopard skinsExtra big amount of ammunition for all weapons
4Shadow Leopard"s skin (a rare hunt)Super huge amount of ammunition for all weapons

Throwables Bag: You don’t want to reach for a Molotov only to realize none remajor. Add even more of those (and also grenades) to Ajay’s arsenal.

BaseNopoint requiredCarry 3 grenades, 3 Molotovs and also 3 Throwing Knives
12 Yak skinsCarry 5 grenades, 5 Molotovs and also 5 Throwing Knives
23 Dhole skinsCarry 7 grenades, 7 Molotovs and 7 Throwing Knives
35 Bengal Tiger skinsCarry 9 Grenades, 9 Molotovs and 9 Throwing Knives
4Babsence Water Dragon"s skin (rare hunt yet again)Carry 15 Grenades, 15 Molotovs and 15 Throwing Knives

Explosives Bag: If you like to usage C4 and also mines for the facet of surprise, you require a bigger bag.

BaseNothing requiredCarry 3 C4 and 3 mines
12 Oriental Rhino skinsCarry 4 C4 and 4 mines
23 Snow Leopard skinsCarry 5 C4 and also 5 mines
35 Sambar skinsCarry 6 C4 and also 6 mines
4Thick Skin"s hide (rare hunt)Carry 8 C4 and also 8 mines

Heavy Ammo Bag: Don’t make that launcher a one and also done. Fire and save firing, then watch the resulting explosions.

BaseNopoint requiredSmall amount of rockets, flares and also grenade launcher rounds
12 Bengal Tiger skinsMedium amount of rockets, flares and also grenade launcher rounds
23 Bear skinsLarge amount of rockets, flares and grenade launcher rounds
34 Scurrently Leopard skinsExtra large amount of rockets, flares and grenade launcher rounds
4Karkadann"s skin (a rare hunt)Super expensive amount of rockets, flares and grenade launcher rounds

Quiver: Ideal for all digital hunters that prefer to pierce enemies with arrows instead of bulallows.

BaseNothing required10 arrows, 3 explosive arrows, 3 fire arrows and also 10 bolts
11 Pig skin15 arrows, 4 explosive arrows, 4 fire arrows and 15 bolts
23 Clouded Leopard skins20 arrows, 6 explosive arrows, 6 fire arrows and 20 bolts
34 Honey Badger skins30 arrows, 8 explosive arrows, 8 fire arrows and 30 bolts
4Tenzin"s skin (rare hunt)50 arrows, 10 explosive arrows, 10 fire arrows and also 50 bolts

Syringes: Ajay always needs health, yet syringes likewise offer you cool super humale powers. All you must carry out is pick flowers!

Syringe TypePlants RequiredSyringe Effects
Health2 green plantsWill replenish 2 to 6 blocks of Ajay"s health and wellness.
Hunting1 blue plant, 1 red plantThis highlights all bad guys and also pets. Upgade to move silent and also proccasion animals from attacking unless Ajay provokes them.
Survival1 yellow plant, 1 red plantLess damage from melee attacks. Upgrade to take much less damage from tools fire.
Focus1 blue plant, 1 yellow plantRun and also swim much faster. Ajay have the right to additionally hold his breath much longer while underwater. Upgrade to make Ajay tougher to hit once relocating.

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Overdose1 purple plant, 1 silver plantIncreased damage that Ajay doles out and receives for around 30 secs.

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