Wigs are somepoint that have existed for a lot much longer than what you might first mean. A version of a wig can be traced back to ancient Egypt, but really became renowned throughout 17th century France.

As the popularity of wigs expanded across Europe and also then throughout the remainder of the civilization, they were a symbol of high course and privilege. But currently, wigs are a lot even more conveniently easily accessible.

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The commercialization of wigs for the masses has propelled the price of these hairpieces best down and currently you deserve to buy a good-high quality wig at a reasonably low expense. But the only trouble with wigs is that you cannot sindicate take them to a hairdresser for them to style them for you.

If you want to style your wig, you will certainly need to carry out it yourself and that deserve to be a difficult job for some civilization. With that in mind, we’ve put together this handy guide that tells you specifically just how to reduced your wig right into layers.

So if you want to change the style of your wig however don’t know-just how, then you are in the right place.


Synthetic Vs Person Hair

Before we move onto how to reduced layers into your wig, let’s initially talk around the different types of wigs easily accessible.

The major types of wigs that you will certainly have actually heard of are synthetic and also huguy hair wigs. Both of these wigs require treatment in various ways so you have to take into consideration the kind of wig you own before you start to reduced it.

Synthetic wigs are made out of man-made product which is created in a means to make it look actual. Whereas human hair wigs are created with real humale hair to offer a completely organic appearance.

The main advantage of man-made wigs is that they generally host their form and also style even after they have been waburned. Whereas human hair wigs need restyling after eincredibly wash, just favor huguy hair does.

When it involves cutting both synthetic and humale hair wigs the process is exceptionally comparable. However, you have to take treatment when cutting both forms. Human hair is primarily weaker than synthetic hair and it is additionally more susceptible to damage.

So, you should be extremely cautious when cutting humale hair to encertain that you do not damage the hair that you desire to keep in the process.

Why Would You Want to Add Layers?

Tright here is a fair possibility that you might be sitting tright here, analysis this, and asking yourself ‘Why would certainly I want to add layers?’

It’s a fair question to ask, and you could be puzzled around why you would certainly desire to cut a wig that you have currently spent so a lot money on. After all, wigs are reasonably expensive and, unlike humale hair, they carry out not prosper earlier when they have been reduced.

A lot of people who pick to add layers to their wig do so after they have owned shelp wig for a while. Just like herbal hair, civilization that wear wigs might prosper bored of the style that it is cut right into and also choose to carry out some alterations themselves.

Layers are among the a lot of popular alterations that human being have actually done on their natural hair so it renders feeling that people may desire to add layers to their wigs as well. But that’s enough about why you may want to include layers, it’s time for us to look at exactly how to include layers to your hair.

How to Cut a Wig into Layers

Now you are prepared to cut your wig right into layers. Before you acquire began, we would certainly recommend gathering your clipping scissors, T-pins, and also hair clips to make the process less complicated.

Once you have gathered the equipment that you require you should place your wig on a wig stand and pin it right into location using your T-pins. You have to clip across the lace line and also also in front of the ears to secure it prepared for cutting.

Once you have actually attached your wig, the initially thing that you must carry out is inspect that the wig is directly, otherwise any type of cuts that you make can be wonky.

You need to then take the front sections of the hair and also clip them in front of the ears all set to trim the bottom layers. After that is done, you have the right to then decide wbelow you desire to reduced your layers.

The initially layer that you reduced is the the majority of vital as this will certainly dictate exactly how lengthy or brief the wig will be as soon as you complete cutting. Usually, people tend to make each layer in between 1-2 inches shorter to produce many volume in the wig.

Once you have actually chose wright here the layers are going to be cut, you have the right to then start on the middle layer. Using a hair clip you need to gather the peak layer of the hair and also pin it out of the method so that you deserve to obtain to work-related.

To sepaprice layers, we would certainly recommend using a comb to obtain the ideal results. You can then start to reduced. You have to carry out this by taking little sections (2-3 inches) of the hair in in between your middle and index finger and also trim at a 45-level angle to make it easier.

Work your way with the hair until there is namong the middle layer left, prior to moving onto the top layer.

You deserve to then move onto the front of the wig. You should release the pinned sections and give them a quick brush prior to you execute anything else. Next, you have to create a structure about the challenge by using your dominant hand to trim the sides of the front of the hair at a downward angle.

Many human being choose to start trimming downwards from the ear so that the hair is still lengthy sufficient to be styled. After you have actually done the front, simply repeat the process of the back of the hair on the staying hair at the front and you will certainly have actually a wig that shows up excellent as new.

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In brief, cutting layers into your wig is extremely straightforward.

If you follow this guide, the process will be simple and you’ll discover yourself with a wig that appears new prepared for when you desire to wear it following.