In the video, she dances mockingly to Megan Thee Stallion"s "Body." People are likewise roasting her lack of rhythm.


Angelica Arinze


Publiburned Dec 22, 2020

People are calling out a white woguy for racism after she attempted to parody “just how Black girls dance” in a TikTok video. 

The woguy, Amy Sanders, uploaded the video to her TikTok account,
amy.lynn.sanders. In the video, which has actually since been removed from her account, Sanders dances mockingly to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Body.” The video is overlassist via the subtitle, “This is how Black girls dance!” 

On Monday, the video was reposted by user
notcapnamerica to Twitter, wright here customers blasted Sanders for racism and her lack of rhythm. “What ‘black girls’ is Kayleigh Ann watching bereason I damn certain never before watched one look favor this,”

She need to simply say she's jealous and also keep it relocating. Why perform babsence ppl get hate for just existing? I don't gain it. On social media you select that to follow. It's so straightforward to mute, block, and also unfollow. Why the hate?

— That_Jedi_Scum (

Though the video is no much longer on Sanders’ account, Sanders uploaded multiple others addressing the backlash.

Instead of apologizing, Sanders doubles down. In one video, she includes a screenshot featuring comments a TikTok user seemingly made in defense of her. The user, that goes by
Kaylatheslowsnail_ and also states she is “a Black womale,” writes that though the video was offensive, “Black ppl (sic) did this to the whites.”

In one more video, Sanders posted a death risk she got and asked viewers if it’s OK for world to be sending her fatality hazards over the video. The comments sections have actually been turned off on the videos of Sanders addressing the backlash.

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While Sanders turned off comments on the videos, human being still discovered means to share their thoughts on the initial video and also Sanders’ response to the backlash, with many type of claiming that she is victimizing herself. “You can’t sit below and cast a rock that you threw in the first area,” one user commented.

The latest video on Sanders’ account was uploaded on Tuesday. It features screenshots of important DMs she is receiving.

That is not just how they dance. That’s just how we dance when we’re 5 white clegislations deep.

— Grogu’s Tip Mom (

She's trying so tough to create and also offend Babsence women however all I deserve to check out are her cabinets from 1989.

— We Fell for the Divide however They Couldn't Conquer!! (
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Angelica Arinze

Angelica Arinze is an editorial intern for the Daily Dot and also a third-year journalism student at the University of Texas at Austin. She is the director of the Daily Texan’s diversity and also inclusion board and affiliated through the National Association of Babsence Journalists and also BlackPublish, UT’s Babsence interemainder publication.