You have the right to delete individual photos from the photos web page, as well as from Photostream on your Flickr account. To delete photos from photo page, open the photo which you desire to delete. Tap "More" menu situated at the bottom ideal corner of the page and choose "Delete this photo" option.

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If you want to delete photos from Photostream, then go to your Photostream and click "Edit" tab located over the photos. Click "Delete" option located under the respective photo. When you click "Delete" alternative, it will certainly ask you "Are you certain you want to delete this photo?". Click "Yes, Delete it" switch to confirm it. If you desire to delete multiple photos at a time, then gather them right into a batch and perdevelop a batch deletion. If you want to gather them right into a batch, then tag photos with "x" or choose photos from a specific day.Quick Tip to ensure your Photos never before go missing:
If you are thinking of relocating ameans from Flickr and also to any type of various other virtual place to store your photos safely backed up, then you may need Flickr Uploader to quickly move/deliver photos from Flickr to any kind of various other sustained company of your choice.Simply download (it"s free!), register your account, affix to your online accounts and also tell wright here your photos are - does the rest, automatically.


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