While we love playing cards and card tricks, the ability to make coins disappear and also teleport between your hands is around as close to real magic as feasible. Coin tricks are particularly tremendous as soon as you check out them performed by a coin magic skilled prefer David Roth, T. Nelkid Downs, Dai Vernon, or more freshly, Eric Jones on America’s Got Talent.

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Tright here are many kind of ways to learn just how to perform magic tricks through coins in books such as Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo or David Roth’s Expert Coin Magic by Ricdifficult Kaufguy, or any of our other a lot of famous money magic tricks.

But, what about coin tricks for beginners or coin magic tricks for kids?

We’ve got you covered with these free easy magic tricks with coins.

Produce a Coin from Behind Someone’s Ear

The “quarter from the ear” trick is an easy to learn simple magic trick that everyone’s grandpa or uncle has tried on them at some point. Regardless of being simple to carry out, tright here is no denying that developing money out of thin air is a magical minute.

Before you begin, you’ll need to learn a beginner coin magic sleight of hand relocate well-known as the finger palm:

Start via a coin in your appropriate hand (or left if you’re a lefty), positioned across the bottom joints of your two middle fingers (photo a).

Curl your fingers and gently squeeze the coin between the joints (photo b).

You can currently remainder your hand normally by your side or on the table (photo c).


With the coin relaxing in finger palm, it’s time to produce the coin:

Reach towards your spectator’s ear while maintaining eye call with them.

Once your hand also is out of their peripheral vision, straighten out your fingertips and press the coin toward the end of them at the same time (photo d)

Bring your appropriate hand also back right into watch and also display the coin. This all happens in one fluid motion that takes a couple seconds at many.

Pro Tip from a Professional MagicianTo gain comfortable via the finger palm, carry a coin through you and exercise while you walk about day-to-day. Secretly hiding this coin, even when you’re not performing a magic trick, will certainly assist you quickly understand this sleight of hand also relocate.

Make a Coin Disappear

Making an object mysteriously disappear is one of the most powerful pieces of magic you deserve to perform. And through just a coin and also a tiny little of practice, you too can look prefer a real-life Harry Potter. While the GIF below provides a super cool coin magic gimmick called "Catch", you don"t require anypoint elaborate to start learning how to make a coin disappear.

While sitting at a table, explain just how you’re going to perdevelop a special coin magic trick wbelow you transdevelop one coin right into another coin (i.e. a penny into a quarter). This is sindicate a ruse, or a little of misdirection, that will aid hide the actual key to this coin trick later.


Place the coin in your leading hand and remainder your oppowebsite elbow on the table. The tabled arm need to be tilted earlier so you deserve to rest your chin on your loosely closed fist.

Begin rubbing the coin on your elbow for a few seconds prior to “accidentally” dropping it on the table.

Acting perplexed, relax both arms below the table and pick up the coin. Then repeat actions 2 and also 3 aget. This component is important because seemingly “failing” the trick twice causes the audience to relax ideal before the quick little of action that makes the key to this coin trick job-related.

Go to pick up the coin aacquire. But, this time, slide it via your dominant hand towards the edge of the table until it drops in your various other hand also relaxing open up on your lap (this is a variation of a basic sleight of hand method called “lapping”).

Right as the coin drops, save your dominant hand moving upward ameans from the table as if you’re actually picking up the coin. These last 2 procedures must occur in one fluid movement.

Go to repeat the precise very same motions from prior to as if you were actually rubbing the coin right into your elbow.

As you pull away your hand to display the coin has actually completely disshowed up, release the real coin from your other hand also right into the collar of your shirt, enabling it to slide dvery own your earlier and also out of sight. Sexactly how both hands empty and also make a joke around how you might be an even much better magician than you assumed.

Pro Tip from a Professional MagicianWhen practicing vanishing the coin, actually pick up the coin instead of letting it autumn right into your lap. Do this many kind of times while paying attention to what your hand also does as soon as you actually have the coin. Then begin doing the vanish. Practicing choose this trains your muscle memory to create the specific same motions when picking up the coin as once vanishing it. This provides your coin magic method more deceptive.

The Mind-Reading Coins

This is a fun and also simple mentalism trick that will have actually your audience persuaded you’re a true mind-reader. It’s impromptu, definition it’s a good party trick that you have the right to usage to impress your friends and also family with at any type of time.


Before you start, grab 3 various coins (i.e. penny, nickel, quarter) or bills. Then, compose a prediction on a item of paper or message it to a frifinish (just make certain they don’t open up it early). For this example, we will certainly compose “you will choose the penny” as our prediction.

Place all the coins on the table. You’re now going to perform somepoint called the “Magician’s Choice” which provides clever wording to make them select a coin you want them also.

Ask your friend to location their hands on height of any type of of the two coins and slide them towards you.

If they slide the nickel and quarter, emphasize exactly how by eliminating the quarter and also nickel, they have actually SELECTED to KEEP the penny (the wording is important). They can then open the prediction to check out you’ve perdeveloped a miracle.

If one of the two coins they slide is your prediction (i.e. the nickel and penny), you’ll instantly ask them to pick up these coins right into their hands. As they do, you’ll press the staying coin (in this case, the quarter) to the side stating exactly how “they’ve liked to eliminate the quarter”.

Tell them to offer you one coin (being vague below is key). If they hand you the penny, say “Great, you’ve SELECTED the penny” and continue to the prediction.

If they hand you the nickel, say “great, we’ll remove this one too” and place it alongside the quarter on the table. Mention how they’ve favored to “KEEP” the penny”. Then proceed to the prediction.

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Pro Tip from a Professional MagicianThe vital to this mind reading trick is the fact that the audience doesn’t understand what to suppose. It’s vital to practice each outcome so that your responses to the changing cases are as natural as feasible. This standard mentalism technique is referred to as equivoque or “Magician’s Choice” and have the right to be provided for a selection of various magic tricks. Check out these other simple mentalism tricks you have the right to execute today.