It’s not justwomen seeking millionaires but men also want to date rich women too. That’seven more applicable today when a man might want to find a woman to date or tomarry. He wants to know that he’ll be able to travel and have the time andmoney to live well. But it can be hard meeting singles when you have to workall day, then rest at night. The next best solution is for a man to find richwomen dating sites. But you don’t want to sign up on just any site, youneed to find a legitimate rich women dating site that screens singles, so youknow that you’re not going to get scammed.

Here are the best rich women dating sites. Not all of themare the same. Please read through our reviews to find which one will work bestfor you.


Millionaire Match

MillionaireMatchis perhaps the best-known of all the dating sites. It has a luxury feel to it.It’s for both men and women seeking millionaire singles. The site claims thatmany celebrities and rich people really have used the site to make successfulmatches. This site has also been around for two decades, so you know it’s legitand that they’ve tested it for the best features that really work. What’s goodto know on this site is that millionaires can actually get certification thatthey’re really millionaires, taking some of the anxiety away for you. You canlook for the diamond logo on their dating profiles. Your photo can also beverified and you can see this by the verified icon beside the photo. You canstill have a free membership, but paid members will be able to do more. Noadvertising is allowed on the service, so you can have a better experience.

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Dating Rich Girls

Dating Rich Girlsacknowledges the time it takes to find a millionaire match on a dating site. Ithas a unique screening service where you can quickly accept or reject datesbased on their photographs and their financial status. This will help you toscreen it down if you want to date rich women. This site has a rich and luxuryfeel, which is its main focus, for rich people to find each other. This sitealso has the ability to verify millionaires. There is a free version, but youshould know that the existing members can vote you in or out. If you’re out,you’ll have no option but to leave and try another site. That’s why it’simportant to be honest and positive, and have excellent photographs ofyourself. If you’re serious about a relationship, then this site might be foryou.


Elite Singles

Elite Singles hasa strong focus on finding long-term commitment for its members. They usepersonality evaluations and have an intelligence algorithm. Its aim is to matchup like-minded, smart, professional people with each other. Over 85% of thesingles currently on this site have gone to college or university, and arehighly educated. That means that there’s a good chance that they make a lot ofmoney too. There are no shortcuts on this site. After you sign up, you’ll haveto complete an extensive questionnaire that’s been created by a psychologist.It’s best to fill it out honestly, so you can find the best match for you. Fromthere, it’ll match you up with potential singles who also scored the same ontheir tests. There is also a messages tab that makes it super easy to trackmessages, because after a while you could be overwhelmed with the responses.This site also does all the matching for you. Besides the time it takes to fillout the tests, after that you’ll save time by viewing the suggested matches foryou.


The Millionaires Club123 dating site is female-owned and one of the top worldwide sites listed forwomen. You should know that it’s not for your average salaried worker. Thissite has some unique features, but it’s not just pricy, it’s expensive! Theintroductory package starts at $25,000 for six months, so you know that onlywealthy women or men are signing up for it. The platinum version is over$100,000 per year! But you must have more than cash, you must also be aninfluential person in the world today.

Coffee Meets Bagel

The Coffee MeetsBagel site was created for busy people who work. It’s not just formillionaires, though you can search for rich women if you desire. This is a simpleapp that’s been around for nearly ten years. It’s friendly for women, so menwill have a better chance knowing the site is dominated by females. You’ll alsoknow that these women have good jobs, as they’re too busy and that’s whythey’ve chosen this site. This site has free and paid features that make thematches for you. The current member base is only active members, so you canavoid disappointment.

The League

The League is anonline dating app that has some surprisingly good reviews when compared withthe others. This app is focussed on successful people. There is a highlyselective process before you start, so you can be assured that you’re dealingwith real people and not scammers. There are also expensive membership fees,but this will give you the security in knowing that the app is legit, and thatits members are too. They also give you only five or fewer matches per day.This is to give you a chance to get to know your chosen rich women, rather thantrying to brush them off for minute reasons. You’ll have to link not only yourFacebook account but also your Linkedin accounts for verification purposes.It’s not simple to become a member. There are currently over 100,000 people inthe queue waiting to join.


Bumble has astrong focus on women taking the lead. This is why this site is perfect for menseeking rich women dating sites. This site was created by one of the foundersof Tinder. Bumble is an app that has a positive focus. People who areaggressive or bullying or controlling are quickly removed. Men need to postgood photos of themselves wearing a shirt and tie. Unclothed photos are notaccepted here. When there are suggested matches, you have 24 hours to respond.This gives a fair timeframe and doesn’t keep anyone waiting. This siteintegrates with Facebook and is quick and simple to set up. The app itself isfree but there are paid features you can get. There is photo verification, sobe ready with your nice suit. There is no verification for millionaires soyou’ll have to do your own screening yourself.


The Luxy site is for both men and women who are attractive. If you’re not too fussy on who you meet, it might be right for you. It does have a high rating overall, but don’t expect to have verified incomes or photographs. The bonus is that you can spend time searching and have no limits, such as on some of the other sites listed here. There are some rich women, but mostly rich men. The top age range is 35 to 44 years. After you sign up, you’ll do a checklist to narrow down your preferences.

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If you want a quick and simple site, this one is for you.