The Destiny 2 Arctic Haze Legendary Auto Rifle is proving to be an elusive gun to unlock. It’s component of the Europa Weapons list of new guns to unlock playing via Beyond Light, yet it is even more challenging to unlock than the other weapons and armor in the collection. Here’s how to acquire Arctic Haze in Destiny 2.

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How to unlock Destiny 2 Arctic Haze Legendary Auto Rifle


To unlock the Destiny 2 Arctic Haze weapon, players need to complete public events and hunt dvery own the rogue robots on Europa. The only hint given by Bungie and also the game, though, is that the weapon is “found by experimenting Europa.”

Eventually, players need to obtain lucky to discover the Arctic Haze drop. Legendary weapon drops are rare, so it may take some time.

ZodiacDesigner119 on Reddit describes that “any weapon detailed as ‘Found by exploring Europa’ is additionally component of the public event and also rare-mob drop table.” This is why occasions will must be completed and also the rogue robots beat on Europa.

The Arctic Haze is an energy auto rifle that uses the fire element. It has actually the complying with weapon description:

“A haze permeates the air right here, occluding clear sight. Be exceptionally certain of your aim.” – The Exo Stranger

Unprefer via other Europa Weapons in Destiny 2, the Arctic Haze cannot be unlocked by sindicate playing via the Beyond Light project. Nor can the Arctic Haze be unlocked via completing the Empire Hunt Missions.

Hopefully, the Destiny 2 Arctic Haze Legendary Auto Rifle can be unlocked sooner rather than later. With a base Attack of 1050, firing 720 rounds per minute, and a Rapid-Fire Frame, it looks choose an excellent alternative to unlock and also equip.

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