How to Get Challenge Tokens in Spider-Man PS4

If you’re like us, you’ll pack up Spider-Man PS4, look at the different Spidey suits that you’ve unlocked that you have the right to craft, then look a tiny perplexed at the display once you notice that priceless suit calls for Challenge Tokens. Well, depending on just how far you are via the game, you may be totally shed regarding exactly how to gain Challenge Tokens in Spider-Man PS4. Fear not, we’re here to describe all.

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First points first, if there’s no seemingly evident method to get Challenge Tokens in Spider-Man PS4, don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with your save or anything, you most likely just haven’t reached a specific allude in the story that triggers one more side activity unlock.

To acquire Challenge Tokens in Spider-Man PS4, you’ll must wait until the little oarray challenge symbols show up on your map. Unsurprisingly, each one will certainly reward you with Challenge Tokens depending on your performance. Smash the peak score, and you’ll get 3 Tokens, while only just scraping by will net you just one.


If you desire to unlock all of the suits in Spider-Man PS4, you’ll need to finish every one of the obstacles in the game, and then also acquire three Tokens from some of them.

Either that, or make certain that you’ve got at leastern 2 from every one of them. You may still have to gain 3 Challenge Tokens on a handful of them, however it shouldn’t be fifty percent as many type of if you have the right to gain an average score on all of them. Or, if you’ve picked up the DLC episodes for Spider-Man, there are brand-new obstacles you have the right to play with in order to net yourself some more Challenge Tokens.

What you certainly don’t desire to execute, is spend your Challenge Tokens on anypoint yet the various suits in the game if you’re wanting to acquire the platinum trophy. If you spend any kind of on other upgrades, you’re putting more press on yourself to nail the different Taskunderstand Challenges to acquire the 3 tokens.

That’s because, sadly, there’s no other means to acquire Challenge Tokens in Spider-Man PS4. So if Taskmaster‘s challenges have actually obtained you stumped, you’ll most likely be lacking a couple of suits from your collection till you can grasp it.

That’s all you must know to acquire Challenge Tokens in Spider-Man PS4. For even more tips, tricks, and also information on the game, be certain to examine out our ever-widening Spider-Man PS4 wiki.

Our wiki is filled via hand guides, such as just how to beat Kingpin, Shocker, Tombstone, and Taskmaster, where Uncle Ben’s grave area is, just how to acquire landmark tokens, and also challenge tokens, and also also exactly how to deal with the statue puzzle.

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Question: How to gain Challenge Tokens in Spider-Man PS4?

Answer: Challenge Tokens can be earned by taking dvery own any of the assorted obstacles in the game. You’ll unlock these after reaching a certain suggest in the story. The better you percreate in a challenge and also the better the score or quicker time you attain, the more Challenge Tokens you deserve to earn. Each challenge has up to three difficulty tokens on sell, for reaching the Ultimate Level minimum score.