Jaden Smith appeared in a one-of-a-kind edition of Vevo’s “The World According To” and also revealed some strange details about his dreadlocks. Although the rapper shaved his hair off back in April, he sassist the locks are still with him in spirit — and likewise inside a glass box at the residence of his paleas, Will Smith and also Jada Pinkett Smith!

“The dreads are at my parents’ house best currently, simply chilling in a glass box,” Smith, 19, revealed in the clip. “Just appropriate at the front door as soon as you just walk in, just look to your right.” The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alum was the one that reduced off his son’s bleached dreads earlier this year for his duty in the upcoming film Life in a Year, which the 49-year-old Suicide Squad actor is creating.

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The World According To Jaden Smith by Jaden Smith on VEVO.

“I miss my dreads. Right? But they’re still on. Like spiritually they’re there, and spiritually I deserve to hide behind them yet you just can’t view them,” the rapper said in the video, adding that tbelow are some benefits to the haircut. “I’m not sad. I’m glad I have no dreads. I’m glad that I have the right to go swimming at night and I don’t need to be really cold and also wake up via wet hair.”

He gave more individual details about his previous ‘carry out, saying: “They smelled prefer coconut oil and also steel because I had actually the rings on them. So it smelled favor coconut oil, metal and bleach. When you mix those together, it’s not impressive, however it’s not a terrible smell.”

The “Watch Me” rapper debuted his new look once he walked the red carpet at the Met Gala 2017, holding a fistful of his cut-off dreads as an accessory. While showing up on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Monday, November 13, the organize asked him around it.

“I really did execute that,” Smith sassist around his rare Met Gala accessory. “The reason I like to do that is that whenever before I have a big, distinct moment in my life, I kind of favor to show civilization how special it is by bringing somepoint that really suggests a lot to me.” The Pursuit of Happyness star then surprised Corden by pulling his blond locks out of his jacket pocket and placed them on the host’s desk.

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Seth Rogen, that was a guest on the late-night present, joined in and revealed that he likewise had dreadlocks as soon as he was younger: “I had actually dreadlocks in high institution and also I cut them off, and my mother still has actually them!”

The 19-year-old is preparing to release his dehowever album, Syre, on Friday, November 17.