The newest celebrity-themed game from Glu lets you rub shoulders via A-listers Kendall and also Kylie. While it might take you eras to take a group selfie through them, let alone be their guest, it is as simple as 1-2-3 to befriend them in this game. Your journey from a nobody to a star starts shortly after you become friends through these super starlets. You will certainly acquire brand-new tasks, fulfill celeb bloggers and article Vlogs about your effective meet-ups to gain more likes and also followers.

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On your method to celebrity standing, you will come across a variety of characters, rivals and well-wishers. Some will attempt their best to carry you down whereas others will help you attain stardom. This guide offers helpful tips and also cheats that will certainly help you earn cash, XP, energy and acquire even more followers:

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If you have actually played Kim Kardashian: Hollyhardwood, then you don’t require any advent to game mechanics. You have the right to skip to the tips and also tricks area. For brand-new players, this handy guide will walk you with essential icons on the display. You will certainly additionally learn how to make the a lot of of them. Check the screenswarm and the numbers below to know even more about each symbol on the game screen:


1. Level Meter: Shows your existing level. Complete purposes, success to get XP. The XP you collect fills the level meter. You gain XP by tapping on pointers and also sharing write-ups with your followers. When the level meter fills up, you will gain cash, power refill and K-gems as level-up rewards. Your power cap additionally boosts by 1. If your total power is 16, then leveling up will certainly increase it to 17.

2. Energy: Shows just how many type of power is left and the energy cap. You deserve to obtain 1 cost-free power by watching a video clip or completing supplies. These offers encompass installing an application and doing specific tasks that will offer you energy. For example: an market application will certainly tell you to dvery own UC Browser and open to acquire 4 energy. There are numerous apps in the offers web page. Make certain you complete an app-connected job to obtain power.

3. Cash: The full cash you currently have actually. Complete goals, accomplishments and tap on pointers to get them. Vlogging occasions or sharing articles via your followers will also earn you coins.

4. K-Gems: K-gems have the right to be used to chat or flirt through world. You will require these gems if you desire to expand also your contacts. Sometimes a perchild may take time to message you. With K-gems you will cancel the wait time and also he/she will message you instantly. Basically, K-gems are premium currency that you have the right to earn after leveling-up or completing an success.

5. Gift Box:

You can win items, tattoos and accessories by opening a gift box. A gift box may also contain sticker labels. Collect a set of stickers from a gift box to earn an accessory. Gift boxes deserve to be opened for complimentary. Once you open up one, you will certainly have to wait for hours, even a day or so to open up an additional free box.

Tright here are 3 types of gift boxes: common, unprevalent and rare. Typical gift boxes give simple stuff, whereas the 3rd rare gift box offers some cool and stylish items. The following cost-free widespread gift box will show up after a couple of hrs, but it may take a week or so to gain another cost-free rare gift box.

A free uncommon gift box typically appears after 2 days after opening one. If you hate wait times, then there are always K-gems, yet I would imply you use K-gems for various other essential stuff favor adding contacts or decreasing wait times.

6. Camera: Lets you take selfies everywhere – the beach, an event or a restaurant. Tap on it to readjust backgrounds, add emotsymbols or civilization. You can even include sticker labels to your selfies. Once all set, you can share your selfie by posting it to your feed.Note: you won’t obtain any type of rewards for posting your selfies. Chances of likes of followers for such selfies are likewise less. You will receive rewards if your vlogs and selfies are concerned your purposes. So if you have actually posted a vlog to your feed after completing a goal, you will acquire some rewards.

7. Contacts: This is wright here you will certainly uncover a list of friends and also acquaintances you have actually added. People you have chatted or flirted with will be included to your contacts. You deserve to likewise invite your Facebook friends to help you out in completing goals.

8. Feed: Lets you see you recent vlogs, selfies and also articles.

9. Wardrobe (Hanger icon): This is where you deserve to readjust your character’s clothing, wear brand-new accessories. You have the right to buy new clothing and accessories by spfinishing dollars. You will likewise acquire a list of unlockable clothing and accessories at the wardrobe.

10. Goals and also Achievements: Shows a list of incomplete objectives and also a list of achievements. When you tap on a goal and also push OK, symbols pertained to that goal will certainly jump on the game screen. These include, place symbols, building icons and also goal symbols.

Tap on achievements to inspect what it takes to finish one. Tbelow are miscellaneous kinds of accomplishments and also more recent ones are added eincredibly now and then. You will earn XP, dollars, power and K-gems after completing an achievement.

11. Followers: Shows the variety of followers you presently have and also additionally the follow club. Reach a new follow club to obtain gems, power and money! Keep completing purposes and also article vlogs concerned them to gain likes and followers.

Get Bonus Dollars, Energy and XP by Tapping on Objects in These Locations

When you visit a brand-new place, you will certainly discover certain objects that provide cash, XP or power as soon as you tap on them. You get them as soon as. On second tap, you won’t get any kind of bonoffers. You will have to come back later and tap on them aacquire to get cash, XP or power. This cwarm list gives a list of locations and objects that might provide some rewards when tapped:

Santa Monica: Pink Bicycle and Pigeon.Malibu: Yellow surfboard and also Jet SkiCalabasas: Fire hydrant, Potted plant (dark bluish color), Yellow Bird in the backgroundBeverly Hills: Potted plantLAX: Strolley near Terminal 1.Jackchild Hole: Skateboard in the backgroundWeHo: Pigeon close to West Hollyhardwood signboard, US Mail collection box, fire hydrantNew York: Pigeon, Gumball machine, Fire hydrant, US mail arsenal box

You will certainly need to spfinish cash every time you travel to a location, so it would certainly cost you even more if you simply desire to take a trip to a area just to tap on an object to receive bonus XP, cash or energy. Go to a place and also tap on objects just as soon as you have been assigned to complete a goal or task.

How to Get 5 Stars in a Goal

To complete a goal, you will need to tap on pointers. Once you tap on a reminder, jobs will present up at the bottom of the display screen. These work call for power points. A completed job drops stars. Tap to collect them and also fill the star meter. Make sure you the energy bar is complete once you accept a goal. In some goals, your frifinish Perry will certainly ask you whether you are ready or not. You have the right to choose yes if you have actually a complete energy bar.

Once you have used up all power, save coming back eextremely 20 minutes to tap pointers and complete jobs. It will certainly take 20 minutes to get a good amount of power points. You have the right to watch video or finish supplies to gain additional energy.

Do remember that goals have a time limit. Anypoint less than 4 stars will be reputed average or faitempt and also you won’t obtain much rewards or followers. So attempt to come earlier eincredibly 15-20 minutes, finish work and also reach over 4 stars if you are searching for success!

Getting five stars in a goal will fetch you even more rewards and also will certainly also let you post a vlog or selfie that will earn you extra XP and cash as well as more followers and likes on your short articles. Press Okay when you will be triggered to share a article and also get your rewards.

Tapping on the objectives symbol at the bottom ideal edge of the display screen will certainly give you access to a set of pending purposes. Tap a goal to note it and all pointers regarded the goal will certainly bob. The location wright here you will need to complete a goal will certainly additionally be highlighted. Doing this, you won’t be puzzled about your goals and also the area where you will certainly need to complete them.

Dating Hints: Places Where You Can Meet New People

To go on a day in Kendall and Kylie, tap on the heart icon, pick a girl/guy you have newly flirted via and also tap on “Text Now” to invite him/her. Next off tap on the heart callout and also tap “Start” to begin dating.

Dating likewise has a time limit and also jobs are heart-shaped rather of star-shaped so make certain you earn at leastern 4 hearts to make it a success. You can later on short article your vlog to your feed to earn extra rewards, likes and also followers.


When you date someone, you spfinish energy to finish date-associated jobs. If you have actually too many pfinishing purposes, then try to finish them first and then you deserve to day someone to earn added rewards.Tbelow are a few areas wright here you deserve to meet brand-new world and chat/flirt via them. They will be included to your contacts. If you have flirted with a guy or a girl, he/she will certainly be added to your contacts. Here’s a list of locations where you have the right to find your spirit mate:

Malibu: The Malibu AmphitheaterSanta Monica: The BeachCalabasas: CantinaLAX – Jackboy Hole: Ski ResortWeHo: Greg’s and The Beverly

Add Friends to Complete Goals Faster

Goals deserve to be rather time-consuming because it needs power to complete them. You may need to wait for minutes or an hour before the power meter becomes full. Adding friends in Kylie and Kendall game application allows you complete objectives quicker. When you are completing a goal, you have the right to add friends to your projects so that they can lfinish a helping hand to your work.

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You deserve to share your Video Game Center ID through your friends on our FB page if you are playing this game on your iOS device. Leaving your Video Game Center IDs on our FB web page will let others include you as your friends. Also, store an eye on their IDs and add them as friends.