Did world in the past wear super loose pants that can fit 2 civilization in there or something? Didn"t people earlier then remove their pants prior to doing it? Did they have some sort of ritual wbelow they would certainly wear the other person"s pants before doing it?

Where does the expression come from? It does not make a lot feeling to me.

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I think that the problem is not much the verb used ..gain into, be in, reach right into and so on.however the "pants" as a sexual metaphor. Get in/right into is the verb even more typically provided.
It's a euphemism; it's a lot more polite to say "obtain into her pants" than "get into her vagina"
"Get into someone"s pants" argues a physical intimacy typical of sex-related activities:

Pants as a methapor for "dirty" tasks has been offered in previously idiomatic expression such as:

gain in(to) someone’s pants shows up to be an expansion of that methaphorical usage which became popular from the "60s (view Ngram)

in. to regulate to copulate with a specific female; to seduce a female. (Usually objectionable.) Are you certain you don’t just want to get right into my pants?

Ngram: acquire into my pants, acquire into her pants

The The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unstandard muzic-ivan.info reflects an early consumption by George Mandel in Flee the Angry Stranger (1952):

I have been in more guys" pants than you can count.

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I feel prefer this is a troll, but below we go.

If you were to put your hand in someone"s pants, definition "underwear", you could say that you had "got right into their pants" - you"ve got a part of you right into their pants, at least. The putting of one"s hand also inside another"s pants (while they are wearing them) is a widespread component of foreplay, a precursor to sex.


Hence we might say that we"d gained into someone"s pants. There"s also a feasible metaphor in which the pants recurrent a obstacle to sex-related intimacy, so you"re saying that you"ve gained past their innera lot of obstacle to sexual intimacy, ie that, aget, you"ve had sex through them.

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Max WilliamsMax Williams
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I think the initially explacountry is kinda far-fetched. Putting your hand also right into someone's pants =/ sex.
Jul 28 "16 at 8:17
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You can be "in" somepoint without every one of you being entirely inside it.

(In the conmessage of this question, that sounds a bit wrong, however to be clear I"m talking about the pants.)

"Go in that drawer and also obtain me the scissors." This doesn"t suppose that the drawer is the dimension of a room. It implies you"re putting your hand also in tright here. Your hand is in the drawer, so you deserve to say that you are in the drawer. Same via the pants.

"He obtained right into my safe and took my money." Aacquire, this doesn"t suppose that the safe is the dimension of a room. Same via the pants.

It"s a number of speech and also shouldn"t be taken literally. Even if you carry out take it literally, "in" or "into" does not always literally intend that you"re entirely inside something.

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answered Jul 28 "16 at 12:14

Kevin WorkmanKevin Workmale
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