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My 5 yr old daughter came home from college the various other day with a pencil allude damaged off in the palm of her hand, I deserve to take a needle and also scrape the skin ameans however as quickly as I touch the lead ( I understand is really graphite..) she screams bloody murder.. Is tright here anypoint I deserve to rub on the spot to numb it long enough for me to get the bit scrapper out?? thanks!
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Ice it down for a few min and gain some tweezers.Later on offer her a treat favor ice cream for be brave.Hope it transforms out ok for her.

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I have had two pieces (one in my leg and one in my finger considering that I was around 6. They have actually never before (other than once they wound up tright here, LOL) led to me any type of trouble and also many most likely never will.I don"t think she will endure any ill efects from it if you just leave it alone!
Wow i assumed i was the just one-of-a-kind perboy that ever acquired stuck to a pencil and had actually the lead (graphite) still stick in me. I obtained stuck in third grade and i still to now have actually that item of lead stuck in my chest about 3 inches below the top of my sternum. Never before reasons any type of problems and also i setup to leave it tbelow till it does.Just ice it down, let her hold your other hand while you pull it out and acquire it over through quick.
First off, sorry she had actually this happen and also I hope she is not in any type of pain or discomfort from it. Like posted already give the ice a try and likewise point out she may need to go to the dreaded physician if she do not let you try.:sad2: I am not medical professional but you can attempt a small Ambosol to numb it up. It could burn a little and also i don"t understand if it will certainly work on her hand also and also that deep down. I have provided it to get tiny splinters out. My youngsters swear it did not help one bit. :wink: Just be certain you sterilize very well, you would not want it to get infected.I likewise have a piece in the palm of my hand also and also one in my leg. Like Dreadnaught said after the fact I have actually not had actually any kind of problems through them causing me any troubles or pain. I have had actually them for over 30 years. My older brother gave them to me as a very early current in life.:sad2::angry::big_smile:I hope this assisted,David