Escaping Fort Happiness in Divinity Original Sin 2 can be tough. Here"s the ideal possible outcome and also how to accomplish it.

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The beginning of Divinity: Initial Sin 2 can be one of the longest acts in the game. This is wright here the player is meant to escape Ft Joy by any type of indicates and through whomever before they please. Tright here are endless choices as soon as it comes to getting to the various other side to The Hollow Marshes.

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But there"s only one route to take if the player wants to ensure everyone"s safety and security. It may seem less complicated to simply kill everyone for the loot and also XP and also be on with it, yet it"s also easier to casually stroll on by without mass murder and also theft.


Not eexceptionally companion option will certainly be happy to see the player. Many of them are mainly polite. Or will certainly simply put up via the player and also their antics. Some aren"t so open, though.

Companions choose Sebille deserve to easily be aggroed if the correct dialogue choice isn"t picked. She"s a standoffish, dangerous killer who desires vengeance on those who wronged her. And those who wronged her could have actually enslaved her or merely passed her in a long line up. Don"t disagree through and also deny aid to currently aggressive companions! If you kill any kind of potential companions, they can no longer be included to the party in the future.


Tright here are assorted methods to accidentally or purposefully recieve the negative attention of the many kind of Magister guards in Ft Happiness. If the player has currently removed their Source collar and also walks within seeing-distance of a Magister, they have to either fight or be sent out to prison where all of their belongings are taken from them.

Another method to aggro the guards is to attempt anything they do not want you to perform, in front of their challenge. Respect them and also move on bereason after escaping, players can go earlier and also gain theirs. This avoids any uncrucial fighting and loss.


A random babsence cat starts complying with the player roughly once wamelted approximately shore. He"s a cute little companion that deserve to be tough to save alive. If any type of Magister notices the black cat, they will attempt to kill it and also will not speak until they do. The player need to either fight for the cat, causing Magister fights, or permit it to die.

Another choice is to make certain the cat provides it out of Ft Pleasure alive via you. This is the best option bereason it grants a reward, the entire point of the cat being in the game in the initially place! The reward is a summoning spell to bring forth a black cat in fight and also have actually it fight for you. The player doesn"t need any prior summoning skill expertise, but working towards that ability will make the spell stronger. To make certain the cat continues to be alive, the player deserve to store it in conversation via one of the companions till it"s time to go or ssuggest stop going close to any kind of guards until safety is assured.


One of the initially pursuits players stumble upon in Ft Joy is finding teleportation gloves for an NCOMPUTER. After completing this, to no surpclimb, the player have the right to teleport to various areas with ease.

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This isn"t rapid take a trip yet fairly being able to move characters away from you in fight, to reach tricky areas on the map that have distinct loot, or to sneak up in battle. The player have the right to usage these gloves to gain an advantage in many different cases so it"s imperative to obtain this item until the player deserve to acquire their hands on the teleporting pyramids.

Stingtail is a lizard in Fort Delight who is acomponent of more than one pursuit. If the player recruits Sebille in their party, Sebille"s then existing objective is to kill Stingtail someexactly how. Though regardless of if the player has Sebille or not, he"s the essential to saving Ambryo in the cage near Griff without bloodmelted.

Saving Ambryo is the necessary point here for escaping Ft Pleasure in the finest means. He leads the team to an essential member of Divinity"s primary story as soon as conserved. He also leads the party towards the information of the safest means out. Ambyro is accoffered of stealing food from the kitchen. The player have the right to either kill Griff"s men to cost-free him or discover the genuine thief, Stingtail. Stingtail is behind the kitchen at the exceptionally height of the map.

Pet Pal may feel usemuch less as soon as players are only allowed to equipped a details amount of talents, but it"s an important talent if you want to save everyone and also acquire great through people.

There"s a dog in Fort Pleasure that cries for his girlfriend, Emmie. Emmie is in the Fort Delight dungeons and is aggro in addition to various other dogs. The player can not properly complete this pursuit without being able to speak via pets and also said talent will give the choice to stop with Emmie and also not have to kill all the dogs.

There is a dangerous, rotten man at the Ft Pleasure beaches that isn"t in his appropriate mind. He asks for a freduced, yarrowhead, but really indicates his daughter. His daughter is Magister Yarrow, who sits at the optimal of the ladder discovered at the entrance to Ft Delight.

This search deserve to end with Migos, Yarrow"s father, dead or it deserve to end with them somewhat together. To aid this father and also daughter duo, the player have to collect a yarrow freduced discovered growing about the map and offer it to Migos. Doing this renders it so Migos provides the player his ring in rerevolve and also does not start a fight. Give the ring to Magister Yarrowhead and also she will certainly be happy sufficient and reward the party plenty.

Tright here are miscellaneous means right into the Ft Pleasure dungeons which is wright here all escape courses out of that Hell hole reside. The player have the right to be put right into priboy and sent there, they deserve to uncover an enigma cave that leads tbelow through the teleportation gloves, they deserve to waltz best right into the Fort, and many type of other means.

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The safest and also simplest method is to have actually greater Wits to spot a hatch on the beach wright here Migos is, behind the kitchen. The player does not need to face the beast and also deserve to sneak previous him to this hatch which leads to a cave complete of fire slugs. Kill them or usage Pet Pal to walk on by and also it will lead the party to the dungeons and also prikid.

Anvarious other person that needs saving is Withermoore. His heart is trapped in the fort. Thunstable the significant gates in the prison and also dvery own the hall the party can spot a surprise latch through enough Wits. This reveals a covert hatch.

Inside is somewhat of a crypt that holds a puzzle. Eexceptionally spirit jar in the room clintends to be Withermoore"s and also the party should destroy the best one. A team of skeletal opponents will certainly spawn each time the player smashes the wrong jar. The correct jar is "Withermoore the Supplicant".

Now that everyone is conserved, aided, and also accounted for, it"s time to leave. The ideal choice is to use the Seeker"s boat. At the end of the hall in the dungeons lies two Magisters and a tiny boy. After defending the boy and also killing the Magisters, the player deserve to ascertain the boy that they understand and aided his trusted friend.

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Doing this ensures the safest passage onto Hollow Marshes and out of Fort Joy. All the player has to perform is jump in the boat and voila, the party is magically complimentary. Or partly cost-free anyway. Going on the boat doesn"t mean the player have the right to never before return to Ft Delight to tie up lose ends and also loot. Find the first Waypoint in Hollow Marshes and also then you can fast take a trip to and also from both areas. This enables the player to go earlier to Ft Joy when more powerful for any continuing to be loot.

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