Abandon the idea that you won’t end up being a totality perboy or feel entirely fulfilled without “the one” or your twin flame in your life. I promise you it’s the worst form of procrastination bereason not only does it decrease your self-worth, you’re additionally encouraging your twin flame to not take you or themselves seriously. In the realm of spirituality, twin flames deserve to be identified as “a magnificent union via a magnificent purpose” (Twin Flame Connection 2015). As someone who is currently going via the twin flame process, I truly feel that is among the many succinct and precise meanings. It tells you it’s even more than a love story, even more than living the perfect life. It’s a calling to become more concentrated on the purpose of the partnership. I promise you, this isn’t some religious, radical mission God offered you or whatever you may think “divine purpose” means. It ssuggest refers to ending up being totality. That wholeness has actually type of a ripple effect on…well, whatever in your life.

Twin Flame Origin


Elizabeth Clare Prophet created a book called Soul Mates and also Twin Flames: The Spiritual Dimensions of Love and also Relationships (1999). Many who’d skim with this book would uncover there’s the majority of spiritual imagery that suggests a dogmatic and also restrictive see on what “love” is, however I don’t think that’s the instance. Focutilizing on the substantial picture of the twin flame union motivates self-empowerment and illustrating type of an advocacy for that empowerment even more than anypoint. But prior to we go right into empowerment, let’s look at what the origin of the twin flames according to Prophet:

Each one of us has a twin heart, or twin flame, who was developed with us in the beginning. God developed you and your twin flame out of a solitary “white fire body.” He separated this white fire ovoid right into 2 spheres of being–one through a masculine polarity and the various other via feminine polarity, yet each through the very same spiroutine origin and distinctive pattern of identity. Aeons earlier, you and your twin flame stood before the Father-Mother God and also volunteered to descfinish right into the planes of matter to bring God’s love to earth. The original arrangement was that you would go through a series of incarnations in both masculine and feminine embodiments, as each fifty percent of the Divine Whole learned to be an instrument of the Father-Mother God.

Don’t think too difficult about being a bevery one of white fire conjoined via one more personality and ending up being God’s trick agent sent out to Planet. I desire to emphadimension that Prophet’s check out on twin flames correlates through a feeling of wholeness. Masculine and also feminine energies have actually always been cooperative and were never intended to be minimal to just male or female bodies. If you believe beyond what you watch through the rose-tinted glasses of romantic, twin flame love, you’ll understand that the experiences you’re going with are helping you to come to be more fulfilled and aid you resonate through others that want the very same, prefer your twin flame. It’s assumed prior to the separation, you and your twin flame were two parts of one body, however you were still whole, self-adequate components. The descent to earth is what most likely resulted in the magnificent function to gain a little foggy as specific experiences helped us develop and uporganize universal truths through each incarcountry. Sorry if you weren’t expecting to be an alien being from beyond in your romantic story, but the twin flame journey was the voluntary endure to go with many kind of reincarnations and also showing those around us what it means to end up being “totality,” or in the way I’m putting it, self-empowered.

What Twin Flame Companionship Really Requires


If you’ve taken the twin flame experience seriously, you’ve most likely check out loads of articles about the twin flame steras, twin flame telepathy, twin flame symptoms, number synchronicity and so on It’s fairly the phenomena in the spiritual/metaphysical people and, unfortunately, I think the community has end up being even more caught up in describing what you’re going with quite than discussing the purpose of it all. I remember as soon as I was asked how I would define my “dream partner,” my answer was commonly, “I just want someone who’s a lot choose me, however is still their very own person.” I was around 12 once I was asked that and didn’t really come earlier to breaking dvery own that summary until my twin flame entered my life. Feeling the pull towards your twin flame indicates you want someone who is a lot favor you, but has their very own identity; we desire to feel a link through someone that helps us accept ourselves without completely conquering who we are or disconcerning themselves. Even those who aren’t right into this spiroutine, twin flame stuff desire that type of connection because it’s healthy, individualistic, and also fulfilling.

When you’re presented to the twin flame phenomena you’re going to gain self-conscious. You’re going to issue about your twin flame disapproving some facets of yourself. You’ll come to a area of confronting your self-worth and question if you’re worth the loving, fulfilling connection you’re expecting. If you’re enin the time of this, you’re gaining in your very own method. Being a twin flame isn’t preparing for the “perfect person” to come right into your life. It’s around encountering your imperfections, accepting them, and allowing them to help you transition right into a state of self-acceptance. Accepting yourself is accepting your twin flame. Loving yourself attracts your twin flame.

If you'd prefer even more insight on love and also self-acceptance and also you're into astrology, learn how your twin flame journey will certainly assist you attain greater self-love based on your Venus authorize right here.

The Big Picture of the Twin Flame Union


Now please don’t go right into a false “self-love” mode via your expectation of your twin flame reunion in mind. I’ve been with that and it actually perpetuates more disillusionment around your self-worth and purpose. Take a minute to think about what the twin flame experience has been defined as so far:

A separated power wanting to come together againA mirrored identification wanting to end up being one imageA Father-Mvarious other deity displaying the masculine-feminine cooperationA prevalent desire for uniqueness and similarity to carry fulfillment

The oneness or wholeness you desire doesn’t begin with the approval from your twin flame, a “higher” deity, or anyone else that isn’t YOU. Self-love is about caring for yourself, however the superficiality is abandoned completely. You really have to face what you feel is “wrong” via you (also though tbelow isn’t). Take your identification and your life seriously. No more downplaying your dreams and objectives, no even more encouraging self-beating methods, or staying clear of the reason behind traumatic events of your past. It’s even more self-therapy, if you think around it. Prophet describes the twin flame separation and incarnating on earth as a time as soon as we were “creating negative karma or balancing some of the karma that stood in the way of our reunion... to unwind the negative strands of energy we had actually woven into our subaware,” (Prophet 1999). Stop believing you need to deal with everything you don’t prefer around yourself so you’ll have actually a happy finishing. That happy finishing, your twin flame being through you and also the unconditional love of Spirit/Source/God/Divine/and so on is currently tbelow if you truly resonate with the twin flame process. All that’s left is affirming for yourself that you are worthy of that and also understanding it will come without superfluous expectations.


There’s a reason why 11:11 is thought about the twin flame or life activation number. It’s not expected to be a 1+1 = 2 thing. Instead, view it as 1 = 1. One is already one. One shows the various other one and also is still its very own one. Aobtain uniqueness and also similarity cooperate for the symbolic objective of self-empowerment. That’s really all it comes dvery own to.

Release the expectations, speak obsessing over as soon as your twin flame will acexpertise your existence and perform it yourself. In this lifetime, I’ve been exploring the twin flame suffer for four and also a fifty percent years. I felt resulted in write this because many kind of of us, including myself, preserved foracquiring we don’t need to wait for happily ever before after.

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Being a twin flame is acknowledging the power to compose your own story via your twin flame and present others that they have the right to carry out the same. Romantic elements are tright here, however currently we recognize romance isn’t the suggest.