I"ve been playing destiny for a couple of weeks. It took me 8 or 9 days to get to level 20, and also then only a few days to get to level 25, yet I"ve been stuck at level 25 for a week. The only way I deserve to see to reliably level up is to increase my Vanguard rank and also buy armor from the Warlock mentor. Trouble is, it"s taking a really lengthy time to obtain to Vanguard rank 2. Except for the occasional bounty I deserve to just seem to earn 10 Vanguard rank points at a time, which indicates 200 missions to gain to rank 2.

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Am I absent somepoint, or is it really this tedious to level up in the later steras of the game? Is tbelow any list of armour to favour to level up quicker?

By the way I"m a Warlock Sunsinger, and I"m trying to level approximately make the DLC level 26 objectives feasible.


With the release of The Taken King, light level and character level have been separated and the progression device has been redesigned.

Character level currently progresses all the way to 40, quite than protecting against at 20. Continuing to level past 20 is basic - you obtain suffer points as normal. The major suggest of character level is to allow you to equip more powerful equipment, which directly impacts your light level.

Light is currently the average of all your attack/defense values (in the 2.0 update, Attack and Defense values were rebalanced to reflect this). Your light level progresses as you obtain better gear, and also is now affected by your weapons as well.

So, exactly how do you attain more powerful equipment in The Taken King? There are a couple of ways:

Legendary Marks: these are the a lot of obvious. Legendary Marks relocation Crucible and Vanguard marks as the new money du jour. Many kind of pursuits reward Vanguard marks, however the major method to attain them is the Vanguard Heroic Strike playlist. Your first 3 strikes on this playlist per week per account award you a second 10 Legendary Marks. These marks deserve to be provided to purchase Vanguard or Crucible equipment (which still call for reputation, but reputation is less complicated to obtain in The Taken King) or craft Year 2 Exotics.Strikes: While you"re gathering your Legendary Marks in strikes, you have chances to acquire Vanguard equipment as normal drops. A brand-new mechanic included in The Taken King is chaining strikes: the longer you continue to be in a playlist without returning to orlittle bit the much better your rewards will be. Presumably this applies to Legendary Marks from the Heroic playlist, however I haven"t been able to test that yet.

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Crucible: The Crucible rewards equipment and also Legendary Marks as well. Playing each week"s featured playlist will earn you Legendary Marks, reputation, and a chance at Crucible gear. Lord Shaxx currently provides pursuits and unique bounties also - completing every one of these in a week will reward "nightfall-like rewards".Nightautumn and also Raiding: These call for a pretty good light level already, but have extremely attrenergetic rewards. Keep in mind that neither of these are matchmade: If you don"t have friends that are willing to perform this, I recommend utilizing a organization choose destinylfg.com