"I am considering canceling my premium account yet would certainly like to recognize if I execute that if I will certainly lose every one of the music that I had included to my playlist or downloaded to my phone? Will I still be able to listen to every one of them as soon as my subscription is done?" Cander18 asked on the Spotify Community."

As one of the a lot of renowned streaming music solutions, Spotify offers users access to countless songs, podcasts and also videos from artists all over the civilization. Besides, it additionally offers a Premium organization, which allows you to stream music for offline listening.

With Spotify Premium, you can have as much as 10,000 songs easily accessible to listen to offline on up to five different tools. But what you must understand is that streaming is not the exact same as downloading and install music in the conventional sense. Once you obtained Spotify Premium, you are only paying for accessibility to Spotify"s library of music.

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On the other hand, you can not conserve the tracks to burn them to a CD or deliver them to various other devices. What was worse, if you cancel your Premium subscription, all your tracks that you downloaded for offline listening will certainly be uneasily accessible. In various other words, you are just paying for accessibility to Spotify"s library of music, quite than own these songs.

So as the problem discussed above: on one hand also, you do not desire to continue paying for the Premium. On the various other hand also, you"d prefer to save Spotify music forever after unsubscribed, what need to you do? Don"t concern, the excellent news is that you deserve to still downpack music from Spotify without Spotify Premium. Here we will certainly recommend you the many efficient and also easiest Spotify Downloader - Spotify Music Converter for you.

Best Spotify Downloader - Spotify Music Converter

Spotify Music Converter deserve to easily download music from Spotify by converting them to prevalent audio layouts such as MP3, WAV, AAC, AIFF and also FLAC. In this way, you deserve to not just keep the downloaded Spotify music forever, but likewise carry them to any devices you have actually.


Download all types of Spotify music for offline listening. Convert Spotify songs to MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV and also FLAC. Suitable for both Spotify Free and also Spotify Premium customers. Retain original audio tracks, ID3 tags kept. Convert Spotify songs at up to 10X faster speed. Simple Interconfront, high efficiency and also easy to operate.

How to Keep Spotify Music forever after Canceling Premium

The following is a thorough tutorial around exactly how to downpack music from Spotify by utilizing Spotify Music Converter, so that you can save the downloaded Spotify music after canceling Premium. This regimen is distinctive in that it allows you finish the conversion without the Spotify application mounted. Now let"s obtain began, please download and also install the latest variation of Spotify Music Converter.

Tip 1Choose the Output Style before Converting.

Once you open up Spotify Music Converter, you deserve to click Log In button to log in via your Spotify account.


Step 2Choose the Output Style.


switch on the toolbar, you deserve to choose the output format as MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV or FLAC. Tright here you have the right to likewise readjust collection Output Quality, Output Folder, Output Organized by Album or Artist as you favor.

Tip 3 Add Spotify songs to Spotify Music Converter.

Choose an album, a song or playlist as you like, click the

and pick the songs you want to transform.

Step 4Start to Downfill Music from Spotify.

Now you can begin to downfill Spotify tracks by clicking the Convert switch.

Wait for a moment, you deserve to uncover the converted Spotify music in history folder. Now you have the right to move them to tough drive, so that you deserve to save Spotify Music forever before after canceling Spotify Premium.

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Note: The complimentary trial variation of Spotify Music Converter permits us to convert the first 3-minute file for each audio file and also convert 3 music papers at a time, you have the right to unlock the moment limitation by purchasing the full variation.