We deserve to leave multiple Facebook teams at when by utilizing a freeChrome extension referred to as Social Media Cleaner.

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After leaving a group on Facebook, you wil no longer be a member of the groupand also posts made to the group will no longershow up in your news feed.

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Social Media Cleaneris a totally free to usage internet browser extension that have the right to help you to leave multiple teams in oneclick.

Make sure that you have actually Social Media Cleaner installedon your Chrome web browser, if not then use the downfill switch provided belowto downpack the Software for complimentary.

Downpack Social Media Cleaner

Requirements for using this software

You need to have actually Google Chrome or Chromium or equivalent internet browser mounted onyour tool to install Chrome extensions.For Chrome expansion to job-related effectively, your Facebook language need to becollection to english.To use this Chrome extension you should be signed right into your Facebook profile.You should be signed right into your Facebook profile to make sure that alluse provided in the software is available to you.

Steps to leave multiple Facebook teams at once

After you have set up the software you need to follow straightforward actions offered below:

Click on Chrome extension symbol.A popup home window will be opened up.Click on correct button to begin the tool.After complying with over procedures a tool will be opened in a brand-new tab.Select teams that you desire to leave.Select appropriate time interval in between requests to avoid getting banned.Click on submit button.After clicking on submit switch, tool will begin the procedure of leavingselected teams.You will certainly notice information about assorted occasions in the occasion log.

Event log

Event log will screen you indevelopment about miscellaneous events such as failed andsuccessful repursuits in occasion log home window.

We hope you have found this overview useful!

If you discovered this guide confutilizing or if tbelow is a bug in the software program thenfeel cost-free to comment listed below and our assistance staff will certainly assist you.


While making use of this software, you need to make certain that you are not going too fast.Make sure that you are using correct delay time intervals between eachresearches. Also make certain that whatever before action you are about to percreate usingthis software application does not go versus Facebook regards to business or privacy plan.

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This software program permits you to set tradition random time interval between eachresearches preventing you from sending as well many researches at when.This website is not affiliated via or endorsed by Facebook or its partners.Software devices documented on this website are not managed by us,we advise all individuals to do their own study validate their safetybefore making use of them.