Materials:Clean 2 qt potLarge beaker or glass jar qualified of holding the styrofoam cups (for stability).Two styrofoam cups, exact same size, at least 8 oz (1 cup) capacity.Lid for styrofoam cup. You have the right to make a lid out of aluminum foil, paper, or reduced a sheet of styrofoam or cardboard to fit. The lid have to have actually 2 small holes, one for the thermometer, one for the stirring rod.Thermometer, via a range of 0 to 110 °C or 20 to 220 °F Glass stirring rod. You can substitute a wood chopstick or skewer. yet do not usage metal. Why not?ProcedureNest the 2 cups together and collection them inside the beaker.Place the thermometer in the lid, and also place it so that once the lid is on the cup, the thermometer is 2-3 cm above the bottom of the cup, and also not emotional the sides. You have the right to secure the thermometer in location by wrapping a rubber band also approximately it above and also below wright here it passes via the lid. Rerelocate lid.Measure 100 mL of water and also location it in the inner styrofoam cup. This is mo (original amount of water). If you use a various amount, record the amount.Place the lid on the cup, and also wait until the thermometer stops changing. Record the temperature of the water. This is To.Using the pot, bring 100-200mL of water to a boil. Measure 30 mL right into a tiny beaker. If you usage a different amount, record the amount as ma (Water added).OPTIONAL: If you have a 2nd thermometer, measure the temperature of the water in the small beaker. Otherwise, assume that it is 100 °C. This is Ta.Add the 30mL of boiling water to the styrofoam cup calorimeter, reseat the lid, and usage the stirring rod to stir the water. Try not to hit the thermometer.Watch the thermometer. Record the greatest temperature attained. This is Tf.

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To calculate the heat capacity of the calorimeter, you calculate the adjust in temperature of the hot water (Ta - Tf = Taf) and also the readjust in temperature of the cold water (To - Tf = Tof ).

The calorimeter consistent is given by -C(mo*Taf + ma*Tof) / Taf. The warm capacity C of water is around (1 cal/g-K).


Your lab report should incorporate a summary of the materials and equipment you actually provided, your procedure, all information accumulated, and the determicountry of your calorimeter constant for at leastern two trials utilizing different quantities of water in the same devices.

Don"t throw away your equipment! You will certainly require it for the next experiment.

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