Submitted by: Justin Kramer, Dakabin State High School, Queensland also, Australia.

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Unit: Ceramics - Mask making - SculptureGrade Level: High School (might be adjusted to middle school) 
Materials:Mask handouts (optional),9 x12 (23 x 30.5 cm) Newsprint

Head leschild plan. See Dance Masks from Mexico; Masks from Nepal, Masks from Java, Masks from Bali (all from a commercial site - however excellent images) Another Face- Masks Around the World (good internet site)Masks by George Ulwealthy - (Archive) Milwaukee Public Museum - Excellent articleMask Articles by Himalayan Arts - Has a background of masks and more..Mask imeras from 22 nations (numerous images)Look for even more Mask Resources on Mask Makers Net 4 2 eXplore has many type of mask resources.Masks Around the World- From the Anthropology Museum in Missouri.Masks From Around the World
- This series explores other countries and societies via their conventional crafts. Information and also maps acfirm beautiful photographs of original artifacts. Simple step-by-action illustrations display just how you deserve to make comparable objects.Masks (Traditions Around the World)
- This book functions masks from anywhere the world, such as the shark, crocodile and hippopotamus masks worn in a water soul ceremony by the Ibo world of Nigeria. It reflects exactly how masks are made by the Arawak and also Tucano civilization of Columbia to rive ghosts from the home.Afrideserve to Masks: From the Barbier-Mueller Collection (Art Flexi Series)
- The book contains one hundred shade plates accompanied by comprehensive descriptions, and also numerous black-and-white photographs of the masks as they are used in spiritual and secular ceremonies. Interdisciplinary Lesson (Read-Write-Think)In this included unit of study, a language arts teacher pairs with an art teacher to introduce high college students to mask making around the human being. Students study miscellaneous societies, make social and personal masks, and also write poetry to reveal the meaning behind their masks.Instruction/Motivation:The brief the students are provided for this job is that they are to research study typical masks from a range of societies - making use of the Internet or print material.. From this they are asked to replicate its form but to change its definition. This meaning they should translate from a 2D photo (photograph or digital image) right into a 3D develop. They are then requested to identify a contemporary concern and also work-related this onto the masks with the use of symbols, icons, message, messages, and so on. They are informed around symbolism, juxtaposition of images and also the construction of meaning and just how the meaning of the original form deserve to considerably impact and also add to the meanings that they are trying to geneprice.The concerns addressed in the students work-related ranged from racism, power and aggression, mental abusage, tranquility, bush fires, water restrictions and also drought, and so on The embellishment came from a garbage recycling organization and also were off cuts of plastic, vinyl"s, and so on - we acquire many great stuff from tbelow - I also got some fake teeth to add to my teaching example.Present out a variety of mask images to students - briefly discuss definitions of masks (Encarta post offer a nice over view). Web resources over need to geneprice sufficient images.Sexactly how some examples of modern masks. How were these artists influenced by masks of other cultures? What sort of materials did they use? How are the interpretations different? How are the objectives different?Instruct students to select a society to inspire their mask development - students make sketches.Demonstrate/evaluation steps for slab constructionWhen fired - existing a variety of different decorating approaches. Collage words deserve to be extremely efficient to aid convey meaning. These can be create newspaper clippings or printed from computer.Instruct students on requirements fro created critique. Peer evaluation deserve to be extremely beneficial.Procedures:The masks are ceramic slab functions made utilizing a hump mold that student make using a plastic shopping bag and also newspaper. Many of the attributes are pinched and pressed pieces joined on. All of the masks are made to fit the face and also are hollowed out on the reverse side. Students can choose glaze or painted finish - both through additional embellishments - some collage aspects to assist convey interpretation. 1. Following the slide show or PowerPoint - and after individual study via print materials provided, students decide what sort of mask to usage for impetus as a jumping off point. Decide what sort of social worry to represent through the mask - What sort of message should the mask tell? The mask is planned on paper and cut out to usage as a design template when they cut their clay slabs. 2. Make newspaper hump the dimension of mask drawing (this need to be life size)- tape bottom flat. Shape newspaper right into rounded hump inside the plastic bag. Cut out mask illustration (mask must be approximately the dimension of humale head - or slightly bigger to permit for shrinkage and also forming over hump) 3. Wedge clay to remove air bubbles. Roll out slab of clay between overview sticks (approx 3/8 inch thick). Lay drawing on clay - map about - trace over details of drawing to make an impression in the clay. Drape reduced out clay slab over newspaper hump on Masonite/lumber board. Smooth cut edges via damp sponge. 4. Add on details of facial attributes - construct up using coils and also included slabs - and pinch methods (score and slip). Carve in lines and also shapes. Press in textures/stamps. Use straw to poke holes in sides for hanging (around ¼ inch or so from edge - we commonly put the holes at side in line through the eyes) Students are reminded of correct wrapping actions to save their task moist in between work sessions. Drape via damp paper towels if necessary 5. When finimelted - Hollow out back side wbelow clay is thickest. Allow to get bone dry - bisque fire. Students work-related on next task throughout this time. Following the firing:1. Paint with acrylics - select colors to assist convey a message. Find words for collage - or form up words on the computer system and also print. - embellish via organic and found products. Use wire for hanging.2. Glaze - and also fire - complete as above through embellishments. Evaluation:1. Did students talk about - compare and comparison various masks from about the world? Were they able to speculate on products used and also functions of masks?2. Did students produce a mask showing characteristics a schosen culture? Did they usage exaggeration, distortion, simplification of forms - concentric shapes?3. Did students incorporate planning into the development of a ceramic mask utilizing draped slab technique through added coil, slab and pinch relief? Show an understanding of developing techniques?4.

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Did students check out a selection of media in the completion of their ceramic mask? Exhilittle craftsmanship? Does the decoration aid convey meaning? Does mask expush a social issue?5. Did students successfully critique and also compose around the definition of their mask for display?